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  1. Ryaiken


    Oh this human knows me Who are you
  2. Ryaiken


    Tinks ;p
  3. Ryaiken


    Hi I was a CBT player who never really got to play because Fiesta got boring af for me just as Core was released... or was it computer issues idr. I downloaded and am going to spend the night farming something or the other. Hope I meet humans ;p My IGN is Ryaiken hit me up
  4. 3) Add a "deep" abyss with abyss resources inside the most active perm abyss. This abyss would require a party to enter but would not be instanced. Essentially these would be resources such as mushrooms, ores, etc that are in the deepest parts of the abyss but they are harvested at double the speed (or quadruple the speed if you have a king's touch) and would give double the amount of resources. It brings people into the abyss and promotes Team vs Team fights happening constantly over resources that perms would need to make stones to enhance gear/scrolls for bosses/etc. On top of the teams fighting teams, they'd also have to fend off buffed up versions of normal abyss mobs that guard the resources. To top the Deep Abyss off there would be an extreme version of that abyss's boss lurking that offers a significantly higher drop rate but a much harder challenge that could only be done with a team. That one was pretty cool. I like when high levelled peeps make perms. All good suggestions.
  5. Ryaiken

    Patch Log #009 - 05 Jan 2014

    Do you think you could add HP/SP bonuses to Male gear and increase the mdef/eva of lab gear to values proportional to their def? So like a godly Lab piece would be a fail Male piece. People would still want to OD but it wouldn't be imbalanced. Because what happens at 110 cap is high damage weapons become available from Lab/Male but people only have shit Mdef/Eva from Lab gear unless they raid. So Mages get a huge advantage and Archers/Tricksters get gimped. Also it's annoying not having HP/SP bonuses on Male pieces so there's that.
  6. Ryaiken

    Patch Log #009 - 05 Jan 2014

    If this server gets shut down Ima be pissed. First server where devs are smart. Literally everything here was a good idea lol
  7. Ryaiken

    Gabriel Set

    If I was Magic Bursting I'd rather have the stats of a good ring to back me up.
  8. Ryaiken

    Rants and Coin Drops and Glitches

    From what I saw, rates were about the same mayble a little higher. I believe the Tower of Iyzel drop rate was much higher there though.
  9. Ryaiken

    Rants and Coin Drops and Glitches

    Why is that a bad thing. More gears. Eden was one of the most successful pservers in a long time and they wouldn't kept being so if they hadn't been shut down by Gamigo. What happens when you have coin drops is that gold loses value very quickly
  10. Ryaiken

    Rants and Coin Drops and Glitches

    I still think coin drops should be removed and the economy should be allowed to grow normally. It worked very very well for Eden (Selesnia).
  11. Ryaiken

    Academy Rewards

  12. Ryaiken

    Defence in the room

    PvP too. Who likes waiting 2-3 minutes between 1v1s
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