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Wow. It's been 2 years since this site first opened up on August 8th 2013.






This server has come a long way. From Closed Beta Testing, to Open Beta Testing, then Official release. It has had it's up and down. Tons of drama and rivarly. Including great memories. 






From a player perspective I was always fond of the events, the community, and the content. Of course the content wasn't always on-point, but it was enjoyable. As a private server, this is one of the more professional ones that I've seen. There isn't too much shady stuff going on. Everything is an open book if you're an active player. You can see how and where things are going. 






I like to thank my homies from Deviant for keeping it cool and locked down for these last 2 years. Love you guys.  






I like to give a shoutout to Majestic, Rapture/Unlimited, Heretics, Ebola and all you guilds that kept up with raids and PvE/PvP. Server couldn't have been packed if it wasn't for ya.






Shoutout to the staff:






Luna. Our fashionista and amazing Event host. Your outfits are and will always be amazing. May life bless your road.






Mucski for being the biggest noob staff member on Fiesta, not even knowing how to house. xD






Spader, for being a cool guy and showing off his Meteor skill when it was still 105 cap. qq






Freddy, for working on those 110 Skills and giving a temporary fix for Binding Blow.






Anyone who was part of the team that I left out.






And our main man: Amor. 






This dude has performed wonders. Sure, when he updates, it's slow. But this man delivers when he does. And I know the next content update is going to be sick. He's lazy, very lazy. But don't let that fool you. When it comes to developing, this is your guy. Kudos to him for having to deal with our crap and requests for these last 2 years. And the rest of the staff. 












If you have anything to add on or say, please do so. 


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On 8/22/2015 at 4:03 AM, Amor said:

And a shoutout to those players who stayed with us from the start. We hope to continue to bring you guys more awesome updates in the near future.


Here and there. 

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