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  1. mucski

    Scrolls in NPC?

    Although we appreciate your input, we do not add things by simply calling in a vote. Scrolls will not be added to the NPC, and regardless if you read it or not this server isn't an EXTREME server. This is a Balanced server meaning you still have to do all the instances and work for everything you own as you would on the retail, with the addition of a greater EXP and DROP rate.
  2. mucski

    Profile Picture

    I have a gravatar setup and linked it with my e-mail it works fine for me. Maybe you just have to wait for it to take effect.
  3. mucski

    [EVENT] Design a Costume

    For this purpose only it is allowed however, make sure you backup the original and use the original after you done trying out your outfit.
  4. You need to re-patch. Click the little "?" icon next to the minimise and close button on the launcher, on the next window click the "CORE" logo. Now wait for the launcher to re-patch.
  5. mucski

    Error 740

    First make sure you have installed .NET 4.0 also make sure that you have your antivirus turned off while playing Core Fiesta. And don't forget to read the FAQ thread carefully http://fiesta.core.ms/forums/index.php/topic/269-faq-frequently-asked-questions-thread/
  6. mucski

    it say my client is illegally manipulated

    Please read the FAQ thread carefully http://fiesta.core.ms/forums/index.php/topic/269-faq-frequently-asked-questions-thread/
  7. mucski

    110 patch

    The 110 skills and everything else is present up to lvl 120+ already in game, and in the future we will indeed raise the cap to 110+. Sincerely [Admin]Mucski
  8. mucski

    Rollback compensation

    We will host various events starting this week, make sure you will be online and join to get your compensation. We however will not return any lost items. Sorry about that. Regards Admin Mucski
  9. mucski

    Compensation for rollback

    The compensation will be : various events in the upcoming week/weeks. We won't return any items though, we are extremely sorry about that. Regards, Admin Mucski.
  10. mucski

    Client Bug..

    This is related to your .NET 4.0 installation. Either it's malfunctioning or missing library files. You can always try uninstalling and rebooting, than re-download it and install it again, and reboot once again. If you don't have .NET 4.0 you need to download it and make a fresh installation.
  11. mucski


    Instead of sarcastic threads that makes no sense, you can actually make a normal feedback thread or talk to FarbodD. Locked.
  12. mucski

    Unlimited be mad

    Behemoth and crucial please take it easy. I ain't going to stay here all day merging your posts. This is not a chatbox, and if this is going to turn into a flame war thread too, you can already forget about posting for the next 24 hours.
  13. mucski

    Lv 20 Job Change Bug

    This bug seems to be related only to you. Please use the Ticket system. Locked.
  14. mucski

    Emoviant kites ML with reaper! D:

    This thread have turned into a flame war. Closed. And please read the rules. ALL OF YOU!
  15. mucski

    Mouse moves with rotating Camera Angle

    We can't fix hard coded client features.
  16. mucski

    Well, Uhm. Hai!

    So your name is Camille Tarah? And hi!
  17. mucski

    Economic Problems.

    We never said we are going to feed players free money. This is a balanced server, and just imagine how happy you will be when you after lots of hard work achieve what you wanted, and can laugh at other players who didn't. That's the feeling that comes when you actually do work for your items.
  18. mucski

    how i fix this?

    Right click your antivirus ICON next to the clock on the taskbar. A tiny popup will appear with options, click the one that says "disable antivirus" if it asks you for a predefined time, click "disable definitely". Confirm it. Voila
  19. mucski

    um. hi.

    Welcome Kris from Canada. Enjoy your stay...
  20. mucski

    Game download without client.exe

    You still did not set up your antivirus correctly. Turn it off while you play Core Fiesta. Don't worry we don't have viruses. The client.exe file is encrypted and does not have a valid header thus some antivirus programs see it as a potential threat.
  21. mucski

    Unhandled exception need help

    So the settings.ini is missing. See if this helps : Q: Repatching the launcher: A: Method 1: Using the Launcher [*]Open the launcher. [*]Click the '?' icon in the top, right corner of the launcher. [*]Double click the Core logo. A: Method 2: Via Folder [*]Locate to the Core Fiesta directory (Right click the Core Fiesta launcher on the desktop and click Open File location). [*]Find the folder named 'reslauncher'. [*]Delete the folder named 'reslauncher'
  22. mucski


  23. mucski

    Error Patching

    Click the "?" button on the top right corner in the launcher, on the next window that pops up click the "Core" logo. Open the Launcher again and let it re-patch. Do this as many times it's neccessary. Unless the patch server is down everything should work accordingly.
  24. mucski

    Spooky, that's me :D

    Welcome. Your font color is kinda hard to read but yeah... welcome! xD
  25. mucski

    When The Server Hates You

    We are really sorry this happened to you. If you read the "Announcement" section carefully, we are planning to change servers. Until then this may or may not happen again. Please bare with us and be patient. Thank you.
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