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  1. mucski

    Discord server

    Should disable the 10 minutes membership requirements tho...
  2. mucski


    I don't like it either, I mean really, how hard is it to spell out okay or ok .... but then again everyone does that in Text messages so they are so used to it that they would do the same on a CV or something official too ...
  3. mucski

    I feel like...

    he meant you should create update note like that
  4. mucski

    What's weird on Core?

    I think you're weird on core :\
  5. Brought to you by Hypnotoad!

  6. mucski

    Launcher not working

    Try running the launcher with administrator rights, though this is not supposed to happen.
  7. mucski

    Launcher not working

    Seems like a connection issue. Try again later, also make sure your firewall/antivirus is not blocking our Launcher or Client.
  8. mucski

    Core Fiesta est aussi en Français

    Please post about your launcher issues in the right section and me and my collegues will help you, if not an experienced player will.
  9. Bienvenue sur Core pour ceux qui parle en français. J'espère que vous vous amusez bien.
  10. mucski

    What are you eating?

    Nothing:( and I'm hungry
  11. mucski

    [EVENT] Pot of Gold

    Mucski :|
  12. mucski

    Random Freezes

    Doubt it's a memory leak to us, because I have a really old PC and Fiesta runs just fine on it. It may be unsuported hardware, and the fact that it's an old game, you can have any kind of i7 it may not use it's full processing power or all the cores but one.
  13. mucski

    Just saying

    Hi! We will take care of you.
  14. mucski

    Launcher problem.

    If you have a 64bit system, which you probably do since almost every new PC or Laptop is 64 bit, the location is C:\Program Files(x86)\Core Fiesta ... or something like that
  15. Welcome to the future.

    1. Zephry


      Stripped of all right, just a lesser being.

  16. mucski

    What's your character wearing?

    DOH! Why you little .... !
  17. Me ... the nightcraler

  18. mucski

    Aerro <~~ Do you know?

    Welcome to Core Fiesta! It's great to have such players joining our community.
  19. Quit smiling you idiot! We're supposed to be professionals ..

  20. mucski

    Can't play after patch

    Do share your "fix" for refference for others. Thank you!
  21. Infinity and beyond...

    1. Vanity


      You're my favorite deputy...

  22. What's on your mind?

    1. Sanguinary


      The thought of you, my beloved.


    2. mucski


      I hope not.

    3. Vanity


      If you're freaked out by him saying that, you should see the text I woke up to this morning from him.

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