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  1. HeavenlyGifted

    Random Freezes

    It freezes whenever I use skills and sometimes just from randomly strolling around. I read something about this issue in the official boards of Fiesta, and they said something about memory leak.
  2. HeavenlyGifted

    Random Freezes

    I'm encountering random freezes in the game. Although I'm running a Processor i7 GPU GTX 870M And I'm not having any issues with my ram.
  3. HeavenlyGifted

    Fiesta "Noob" Here

    I've actually browsed the entire posts and stickies on the guide section. And I would like to know but on the official Fiesta, I saw a section on the classes named as " Crusader ". Does that exist?
  4. HeavenlyGifted

    Fiesta "Noob" Here

    I've actually seen this game before but yet never played it. And it seems to be like I have no clue to what I should be doing in the game, especially with the fact that my first try of this game is in a private server which is configured to be differently from the official rates and technical parts of the game. So I made a list of things which I need to serve as an indicator or guide to me in playing Core Fiesta. 1. Do I have to take quests, knowing that has a different exp? ( Not sure if it is different though ) 2. Distribution of the stat is very important in the game but is it important in this server as a first run through in the game/server? ( What I mean about this question is that, will I ever get to have any free stat reset item or a free reset stat npc to get my character corrected? ) 3. Do classes in the game somehow affects things in the game? Since i haven't played that long in the game yet, I was just wondering if there are such thing as Instance Dungeons or party required activities which distributes the importance of classes such as a DPS + Healer + Utility and etc. 4. Opinion on Trickers plox. Thanks
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