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    MrOrbit got a reaction from Skunk in Deviant   
    Good times. 
    https://prnt.sc/7axxyj ( not my picture because I'm a lazy bum that doesn't screenie stuff.)
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    MrOrbit got a reaction from LessQQMorePewPew in Deviant   
    Good times. 
    https://prnt.sc/7axxyj ( not my picture because I'm a lazy bum that doesn't screenie stuff.)
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    MrOrbit reacted to Skunk in [EVENT] Molly Malice   
    I feel so honored.

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    MrOrbit reacted to Zephry in Trickster: Enhancement Visuals and Skills   
    Hiya. Welcome to another Trickster suggestion thread.
    In this thread I'll be talking about the enhancement visuals of +11 Claws/Dual Swords and the Odin skill, Slip Away.
    But first let's dive right into the enhancement visual.
    +11 Enhancement Visual for Claws. Credit for the picture: Cross

    +11 Enhancement Visual for Dual Swords. 

    Now, the suggestion I want to make after asking around is for the enhancement visuals of these weapons to follow the same gray/dark/black visual that other weapons get.

    +11 Enhancement visual for Axe. Credit for the picture: Skunk

    Before you ask: Are these how they also looked like on retail? 
    No. But when they were first released they didn't appeal much to the mass. It looked lame compared to the ones, like that axe.
    My only suggestion is if it's possible to change the visuals of the enhancement level into more like the one shown above.

    Wow, you read this far? 

    Welcome to the Slip Away skill section.

    This is an original custom skill that came from the famous Fiesta Odin files. 

    In case you couldn't read that small text:
    Teleports you 200 meters forward, hiding you for 6 seconds while giving you 10% movement speed. For the next 1 second all attacks will critically hit. Attacking or being hurt while in hide will remove you from hide mode

    In other private servers that feature this skill, there's usually higher tiers that increased the effect of the skill.
    What I'm suggesting is to add in the missing tiers of this skill and possibly boosting the duration of the hide mode as the movement speed is (already) increased with the additional tiers.
    If you read all this, thank you very much. 

    Shout out to Skunk and Cross for providing pictures of your weapons enhancement visuals!
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    MrOrbit reacted to DoughyCookie in Event Rewards   
    Basically, the point of this thread is a request to make all event rewards follow this, as this makes sense. If you win an event you should be free to do what you want with the rewards, until you use them and they become bound similar to all other CS items. 
    The main purpose here is to make the Snowflake Event Costumes tradeable until they are used, as currently they cannot be traded. I believe everything else in this event (except maybe the scarf) was tradable as well, and only the Karen wings remained tradable after use. Personally, it doesn't make sense to restrict the people who invested time into the event to farm these costumes by permanently binding those costumes onto a specific character. If they spent the time & effort doing the event, they should be able to use the reward on whichever character they choose (or even give it to a friend as a gift, or sell it since maybe they don't need/want the costume but are in need of money. I don't see how these would hurt core in anyway). 
    In my case, I was pretty restricted in what class(es) I played during the time of the event due to the low population, and in order to efficiently play the game everyone in my guild had their 'role' that they played. With this growing population (which is exciting!) I'm no longer needed in that role and was free to choose whichever class I'd like, problem is my supply of event suits has been left on a character that is hardly being used for anything anymore. And I'd really appreciate if I had a way to move these suits over and make use of the reward that I spent a good amount of my time in working for. 
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    MrOrbit reacted to MeliChu in KQ Time!   
    Hiya! :3
    I'm here today to suggest that we could take already existing KQs on the list and bump them up to the cap lvl! Quite personally I like KQs (and know some others too that would like to do some fan favorites of KKP and Gordon). You could be saying "why do that when you could just make a character for the levels already associated with the KQs?" Well for this answer I'm going to say because
    1. IT WOULD BE AWESOME TO DO SOME OF THOSE LOWER LEVEL KQS AS A CAPPED CHAR!(My personal favorites KKP/Gordon) Having all those prestige skills would be awesome and I kinda always wondered what it would be like to play those KQs with prestige and capped and if they were bumped to cap levels :3 (I could be the only one that feels this way, I don't know.)
    2. YOU COULD GIVE OUT REWARDS THAT ARE COMPLETELY DIFFERENT THAN WHAT YOU NORMALLY GET! I was thinking if you can get it to work adding in things that last for 7 days that could include some different/unique outfits, Auras(that are not as good as Focalors), and Accessories.
    Reasoning for adding these kinds of rewards is so that everyone has a fair chance to get them because KQs there for everyone to do, does not matter what guild your in and what not and might bring people together as a community!
    Well here's my little thing on this subject! If anyone has anything they would like to add about KQs leave them below! :3
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    MrOrbit reacted to Skunk in [EVENT] Design a Shirt   
    Vote for this one pls.

    It's my seal of approval tank top and it's so hot right now.



    Props to Kyitt for helping me with this.

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    MrOrbit reacted to Skunk in I solo'd lab, give me a biscuit.   
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    MrOrbit reacted to Amor in Patch Log #039 - 24 May 2015   
    Updated 110 armour stats, minimum of 2 should be given when dropped. Resilience skill for spectres now increases magic and physical defense based on base stats and bonuses. Resilience cool time has been reduced to 15 seconds. Increased Resilience buff time to 30 minutes. Diminish now increases your damage based on base stats and bonuses for 6 seconds. Diminish cool time has been increased to 2 minutes 30 seconds. Changed Diminish description. You can no longer power up Resilience cool down. Nimble Defence now increases your evasion by a static amount. Nimble Defence buff now lasts 30 minutes. Updated Nimble Defense skill description. Updated some more 114/120 armour/weapon prices. Spectre 110 set skill effect for 2 pieces now reduces cool down of force slash by 15%. Reaper 110 set skill effect for 2 pieces now increases attack damage of razor claw skill by 30%. Updated Thorn Cave mobs stats. Puppet Hellgait jewellery no longer drops from mobs. Normal Malephar mount should now be permanent. Star of Doom necklace should not give 67% resistance. Fragment of Doom (Blue) now gives 7% Magic Defence Power. Fragment of Doom (Red) now gives 7% Magic Defence Power. Twin Kovar Ring (Blue) now gives 9% Magic Defence Power. Twin Kovar Ring (Red) now gives 9% Magic Defence Power. Kovar's Necklace now gives 72% resistance. Kovar's Earrings now gives 7% critical rate. Killer's Order attack damage has been increased. Debuffed Incubus Agole's MR debuff skill. Fixed Lightning Chain skill. It now damages the first target hit and ricochets to several other targets. Updated Lightning Chain skill description. Removed 95 jewels from Magrite. Reduced Eglack and Salare respawn times to 15 minutes. Shard instance has been renamed from Hideout to Shard Temple. Ghosty instance has been renamed from Cave of Memories to Ghosty's Cave. Updated Ghosty instance loading screen. Updated Shard instance loading screen. Added 5 new faces for males and females. Added 8 new hair dyes . Renovated Beauty Shop. Added Event Phino. Added 1st to Cap Medal Added 2nd to Cap Medal Added 3rd to Cap Medal Added Crisp White Shirt (30 Days) Added Facebook 'Like' T-Shirt (Permanent) Added Beating Heart T-Shirt (30 Days) Added Blueberry Blue Skinny Jeans (30 Days) Added Black Skinny Jeans (30 Days) Added Cherry Skinny Jeans (30 Days) Added Cream Soda Pink Skinny Jeans (30 Days) Added Mini Sweetheart Transparent items have been given individual icons. Increased transparent weapon skins critical rate to 6%. Added 12% aim to transparent weapon skins. Level 66 vault now gives 120% exp card. Removed all Hellgait jewellery from characters whom had it. EDIT:
    Thorn Cave mini boss and boss evasion should be decreased properly now. Updated Launcher:
    Updated help window picture. Updated news section, it is now automatic. Fixed voting window bug. Added new function to remove some ads on the voting page. Improved voting window function. Fixed other bugs and made some other improvements.
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    MrOrbit reacted to DoughyCookie in Patch Log #038 - 17 May 2015   
    114 and 120 should now sell for 98 silver.
    This was a completely unneeded change. T5 enhancing on this server is incredibly expensive with the success rates, and the fastest way to make money was to AOE a mob that drops 114 greens (I didn't test 120s since the new patch). Doing this for 2 hrs with a rant, charms, and picking up every green that drops generally gives you enough money to +7~9 (depending on your luck) ONE tier 5 item. Dropping this to 98 silver a piece is a huge nerf, seeing as 114 weps sold for 220s+ if I'm not mistaken, and will cause it to be much harder to enhance gear. Other than t5 enhancing, I believe everything else to be fairly priced, but the Red/Golds/Blues drain many gems from my bank so I can +9 my gear, which is almost necessary to properly raid, farm, and grind at the higher levels. 
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    MrOrbit reacted to DoughyCookie in 110 Bosses & 110 Sets   
    After about a week or so since 110 sets and the jewel set have been implemented, a few of us are not exactly happy with the current way to obtain 110 gears.

    These bosses take a decent amount of effort to put down, similar to the shard skin boss that was implemented in the same patch, but can not be farmed as often nor do they have a drop rate that players find 'amusing'. I think the idea behind having a 30 min spawn time is that people can just continuously farm them throughout the day, but a party (a charmed/ranted party is HIGHLY preferred) is still almost necessary to complete these bosses, so there's actually a very small amount of time per day that these bosses are being farmed. So assuming a party farms them during the full duration of charms/ext/rants (2 hours), from my experience this averages about 3 total drops with 8 total kills (4 on each boss). Essentially this makes it slower to farm then any other purple set within the game, and also sometimes a drop or 2 of those 3 are jewels which (with their base stats) are not nearly as desired as 110 armors. 
    Overall this is causing us to obtain very few drops a day, even fewer of these having stats worth someone wearing, leading to upset players who charm/rant/spend 2hrs of their time farming, and have nothing or close to nothing to show for it.
    Suggestions: A few suggestions have been thrown around by players on how to make these bosses more worth our time, and we took into account that BA (the instance on retail these are normally obtained in) is just not an option.
    1) Decrease the spawn time on the bosses so we can farm them more frequently in the limited times we are able to. This will allow us to extend the use of our charms and get more drops on a daily basis. This will also give capped people something to do other then afking/farming 114 greens.
    2) Increase the drop rate on the bosses so our effort to kill them is more frequently rewarded. It really sucks when you kill both bosses without a drop from either, it feels like a waste of time really. If keeping it a 30 min spawn is really important to prevent people from spam-farming it or whatever, at least increase the drop rate so we're farming more than pots/stones/mats.
    3) Make it an instance. This has been the most frequent suggestion I've heard, with most desiring it to be something like shard instance. I feel like it could also be successfully implemented as a guild instance (similar to noit) with a short spawn time (again, similar to noit). Since there's 2  bosses, there's a few different ways you could go with this. You could have both the bosses in the same instance and just have them spawn at the beginning together, so people have to work for the drops. Or, they could have their own instances and spawn some depraved mobs when they reach 2/3 and 1/3 hp.
    Personally I believe the best option would be to make it similar to shard instance, either have both in the same instance or have them spawn mobs to increase the difficulty of farming them, and the drop rate should definitely be increased (I think it should be increased even if it becomes an instance or not, we just have far too little to show for how hard we've worked to get 110 drops).  
    Also on the subject of 110 sets, I had an idea for their set effects but haven't discussed it with anyone so would love to hear opinions on it. As far as I know (haven't spoken to someone of every prestige but talked to a few) the set effects on 110s are just lame. The best reaction I've seen to their effects is 'Meh.' For example, the Guardian set effect empowers Awaken, a skill that is only for HK's after 100 (why would their 110 set empower a HK skill, doesn't make sense). 
    But, something everyone seems to be happy with (or will be happy with once it works as intended/is implemented) are 110 skills. They're fun, they're strong, and they work with what that prestige is meant for. So I figured it would be a lot more exciting (and it would motivate people to wear 110 sets over mls/114 greens) if the 110 sets empowered the 110 skill associated with that class (Such as 2 pieces = decease sp consumption, 3 pieces = decreased cd, 4 pieces = increased dmg)
    Obviously since not all 110 skills are working and the WL 110 isn't implemented yet, this is looking into the future assuming the skills are fixed (Reap skill does m.dmg, guard skill does nothing, HK skill only knocks back doesn't heal/increase dmg) and the WL skill is added.
    tldr: 110 bosses are bullies, rarely drop stuff for us, suggested they either spawn faster/increase drop rate/are made into an instance (like shard or noit). Also, 110 set effects (that I know of) are poo, suggested they empower 110 skills once those are fixed. 
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    MrOrbit got a reaction from Luna in [POP-UP EVENT] True or False?   
    You caught me right as I died to Chimera
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    MrOrbit got a reaction from mucski in Heyo, back from a half year break   
    Hey all, I'm returning back to Core about an absence of 6 months or so. I've been here for around a year and a half already. Was the first capped reaper back when the cap was 105 so that's something. 
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    MrOrbit got a reaction from Spader in Heyo, back from a half year break   
    Hey all, I'm returning back to Core about an absence of 6 months or so. I've been here for around a year and a half already. Was the first capped reaper back when the cap was 105 so that's something. 
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    MrOrbit got a reaction from Skunk in Heyo, back from a half year break   
    Hey all, I'm returning back to Core about an absence of 6 months or so. I've been here for around a year and a half already. Was the first capped reaper back when the cap was 105 so that's something. 
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