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  1. ASAP_Freddy

    My thoughts.

    Lol 1green for 1 mob is fine what are you expecting ? A whole greens set for 1mob.
  2. ASAP_Freddy

    Patch Log #009 - 05 Jan 2014

    It will be added soon
  3. ASAP_Freddy

    My thoughts.

    Subject drops 108 greens and 100 abyss drops t5 stones and greens idk what you had tested. If instance/raids drops CS there is no point having lucky capsule. I've said before that money making is like leveling you can lvl solo easily with mage/archer than a fighter/trix same with money.
  4. ASAP_Freddy

    Patch Log #009 - 05 Jan 2014

    Lab is the "alternative" of Malephar, which is for 110 cap or late 105 cap
  5. ASAP_Freddy

    My thoughts.

    I think you just look around fiesta scene, you are saying that we should remove item mall because you are trying to have a point on f2p vs p2p, nobody does that because item that make your char stronger needs to be "regulate" if not > OP server. Class money making, you tell the lack of spots, well OLT, 100abyss, black bear, subjects, LN, dungeons, phouch, and i may forgot other, those mobs drop greens and weap galore, or rare stuff that can be easily sell. About the class all is about how fiesta is made, it's like leveling difference between classes.
  6. ASAP_Freddy

    My thoughts.

    Current Price of bundles in games in see ppl seling for 5-10g max, ext and exp card maybe lower too. The item mall is kinda cheap for 5$ = 5k coins see what can you buy with it. If Core is pay to win, other servers with "OMGIFUCKEVERY1 wings 30days" and "NPCSUITARESHIT suit (30days) are balance for you, idk what to say except you must have failed 20 promotion 30 times. Other server put OP suit and 140% charms on item mall are obviously unbalanced which are really pay to win server.Class money making = I don't see any problems with it you can farm sets easily as a fighter than a mage excluding clerics there is no really problems.
  7. ASAP_Freddy

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Money making = coins drop, or sell green that dropExp and drop rate depends on which mob, you can hit 70 pretty fast in abyss after GM are like 1.2M per kill, after idk. There LN,SL Hellga
  8. ASAP_Freddy

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Abyss mainly then GM or FM, then AR or OLT
  9. ASAP_Freddy

    Rants and Coin Drops and Glitches

    Well Spoon is...someone that need to learn from his ego, he underestimates alot of people about what they can do, on ragezone he be like "ima pro". He wanted to launch a server but didn't even know how to change an icon ingame. So basically I shove my ass with what he said.
  10. ASAP_Freddy

    Members vs. Staff

    What's going on ?
  11. ASAP_Freddy

    Defence in the room

    Stop argueing please ^_~
  12. ASAP_Freddy

    Any type of bugs/glitches/wishes

    The duration of knockback is 1.1sec
  13. ASAP_Freddy

    Academy Rewards

    ok this will be fixed ASAP ty for reporting
  14. ASAP_Freddy

    Patch Log #006 - 17 Dec 2013

    ok ^^
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