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  1. Skelet

    Cap Raise Needed

    Lol. Just go play a different game. Core is just a waste of time.
  2. Skelet


    Lmao xD
  3. Skelet

    Would you want a server with...

    You'll are some faggets you get pretty much all that shit for free and even that you qq... Dios mio. I say yes to the new files.
  4. Skelet

    Easier Elrue [1] Selling

  5. Skelet

    What language(s) do you speak?

    WhySoManyPeopleFromCanadaStahpIt. Spanish, english and spanglish d: . I'm from mexico but currently living in United States.
  6. Skelet

    Maintenance Suggestion

    You're stupid.
  7. Skelet

    Patch Log #018 - 18 Feb 2014

    this guy and his amazing patches... I really want to play. shame I dont have a pc yet..
  8. Skelet

    Patch Log #009 - 05 Jan 2014

    When i get my pc.. maybe in 2-3 weeks :/
  9. Skelet

    Patch Log #009 - 05 Jan 2014

    Behe making drama as always. porfavor stahp.
  10. Skelet

    Rants and Coin Drops and Glitches

    Just because I'm so nice, I'll let you know the 2 ways i know for duping. So you guys can fix it. Who's the owner?
  11. Skelet

    What are you listening to?

    To my alarm clock. Stupid work.
  12. Skelet

    First 5 People to be capped :3

    Mad? Yup I'm so mad. xD
  13. Skelet

    First 5 People to be capped :3

    You guys are lame.
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