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Stuff i'm selling/buying. (Pain.)

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Well uhm. I'm too lazy to make this pretty so.




LN knight pants +0 52 dex

SL knight top 20str 44dex 26spr +9 

Glad SL boots 2str 27int +0

Glad SL boots 29str 9spr +0

SL 1h 59end 24dex 42int +0

100 OJ earrings 32end 21dex +0

SL spectre hat 15int +0

100 OJ ring 24str 34end 44dex 23int 29spr +0

SL ranger pants 7str 2end +0

SL wiz hat 8end 55spr +0

SL ranger pants 1end 35dex 38spr +0

SL warlock top 52dex +0 c/o: 25g

SL knight hat 28str +0


Note: All guild members in Deviant will get a 25% discount on their purchase.

All items are up for auction there is no buy out until I like an offer.

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