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  1. In the end there is nothing left but regrets..

  2. Well folks it's me again can't help it yo sorry to bother but I'm posting a new topic again to buy stuff well if u are not happy with that I can only say hmm DEAL WITH IT Well like the title said I'm sincerely looking for either LN/SL guard sets as well as a lab shield at the moment so please feel free to post here or whisper me in game about what u are selling IGN : Wooo
  3. Cherish what you have because u never know when you will lose it...

    1. Sassy
    2. Nimrod


      This about the rollback :c? lol

  4. Wooo

    [TEASER] Great Big Phino Invasion

    Looking forward to this sounds wicked
  5. Wooo

    B> SL lock pieces and SL wand

    sorry folks because of timezone issues despite getting whispered in game i might just be afk sleeping so i kindly wish you guys would also leave ur ign and what u have to sell here as well sorry for the trouble
  6. Wooo

    B> SL lock pieces and SL wand

    IGN : Wooo Sincerely seek out folks that are selling sl lock pieces as well as the sl wand kindly leave ur ign and what u are selling here please because i am rather in need of a full SL set. have a nice day and see u all in game
  7. if my blood is red what would yours be

    1. Valiant


      Blue. Because, when blood isn't exposed to oxygen, it's blue.

    2. Valiant


      Also, I usually don't get scrapes, or cuts. So it'll be blue.

  8. Wooo

    Stuff i'm selling/buying. (Pain.)

    25g for that warlock top
  9. Wooo

    Stuff i'm selling/buying. (Pain.)

    Price for Sl warlock top?
  10. In need of a lock set q.q y peeps no sell

  11. Wooo

    B>Warlock sets

    Currently looking for a decent/average set either Ln or Sl please let me know either on forums and contact me in game Wooo truly appreciate it <3 Core
  12. oh Yea Exams over Freedom!!!!

  13. Exams being a bitch...

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