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  1. Next Sharpshooter, Ranger and Warlock to 114 i'll give each an untruthful weapon
  2. I mainly need armors for Warlock/Holyknight/Ranger/Knight but feel free to post to pm anything "GOOD STATED"
  3. Secret Lab Hardcore : Simply put, secret lab on steroids. more mobs, more experience, more teamwork. Similar set up as current but secret lab yielding higher rewards attracting 115 players to do it. Rewards like 105/110 or 115 badges (this being an alternative to Noit). Alternative to magrite if one would like to focus on farming thors jewels alone or abyss armors. Even the possibility of splitting drops per location first boss (abyss armors) final boss (thors jewels) and chest for badges should the party complete a perfect run. Kingdom Quests : Rewards relevant to 115 cap and PVP KQ i'd say vote on it Cash Shop Rewards Rare items such as T5 pots(protection, strength...). anymore ideas feel free PVP Tournament/KQ : (A once a day kq for 1 vs 1 ladder match similarly structured like guild tournament table but 1 vs 1, everyday at a certain time the tournament begins or maybe even weekly that would be fine. Crazy idea, for now i'll leave it at that. any questions pm me Thanks.
  4. i would rather not change a.a
  5. 50_Caliber
  6. License: Currently they are no known effective licenses for 114+, I know we all love Giant Red Condor License but at 114 they are completely useless since adding a GRC lic to your weapon will be just that since the character lvl is too high for exp on license, so my suggession is license for Great Torndoes/Vehemoth/laplan/Kruges or even upgrading GRC to 112~115 and or placing in a different location or the same is fine i guess. Farming: 110 Blues are a pain, the drop rate isn't that high while the act of farming them is quite frustrating, Magrite is a good alternative surely but killing 4 mags every 10mins for 2hrs is approximately 48 kills for the time of your charms, granted you're the only one farming. I can speak for myself and guild members that NOONE and I mean noone has found a single 110 blue there, i have formed for 4hrs thats about 96 kills with nothing to show for it but 105 magrite weapons along with orange 100 jewels. So my suggession for that is a possible Secret lab hardcore with a 115+ cap instead of weapons in chests we could get jewels while sets from the bosses. Jewels meaning jewels with better stats than the oranges we are currently using if you compare the 110s with 100s its a simple choice to use the 100s. Alternatively Psiken is technically a boss without drops at the moment (located exactly opposite on the map to Chimera, this boss could drops jewels/armors/Badges for lvl110 or lvl105 and so on. Leveling: What can i say the leveling aint bad right now but new 115 abyss please (point killers *evil smile*) and higher exp rewards for quests or increased difficulty for rare items like charms/ext/rants or dem crowns, new players may have some difficuly getting to lvl100+ on there own maybe some higher reward quest might help maybe a quest per lvl or something. Items: New Jewels (community suggested stats) if i win that contest thingy, overall adealia mobs without drops having drops. Well i'm sure someone may have ideas for any of my suggessions or comments feel free
  7. Blaze Knight 114 50_Caliber Warlock 115
  8. this is the weakest mb i ever seen, to go against any glad and still have a chance on lock i have to use lab helmet for added aim, taking my aim up to abt 1853 then i still miss 1/2 the time and i only do like 1000~1200 crits on them with an ml weapon while missing thats like doing nothing on a gladiator with 8~8.5k hp base
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