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  1. Snow

    Do you watch anime?

    http://i.imgur.com/pLMYQv9.webm Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress is pretty bae. Attack on Trains
  2. Snow


    QUIT PICKING ON MY WAIFU. She's my Knight. :c
  3. Snow

    This or That

    School. :c Netflix or Hulu?
  4. Snow

    Members vs. Staff

    Four. So painful. xD
  5. Snow

    Do you watch anime?

    Stein's Gate, omggg. So good.
  6. Snow

    Masks glitch

    This is a glitch I've found on several servers that have fixed them. :c It'd be nice to get it fixed.
  7. Snow

    This or That

    Salad. Hate Sushi :c Dr. Pepper or Pepsi?
  8. Snow

    Patch Log #006 - 17 Dec 2013

    Going from Sand Beach through Ancient Templar Maria takes you back to the wrong Roumen.
  9. Snow

    This or That

    Hue. 24 Hours without Anime or 24 Hours without Core?
  10. Snow

    Members vs. Staff

    Two. mucski's no fun. :C
  11. Snow

    This or That

    Being fab, duh. Sensei Suit or Red Wedding?
  12. Snow

    This or That

    Medicine. Magrite or Levi?
  13. Snow

    Le Ban Game!

    Banned because coffee is a necessity.
  14. Snow

    First 5 People to be capped :3

    Technically speaking, an aura isn't 100% proof you were the first. It DOES prove you're all 100, though. I'm not doubting you, just being a weirdo and pointing out the flaw in the logic. xD
  15. Snow

    Members vs. Staff

    One. Because everyone's in game!
  16. Snow

    Adi's Money Guide

    Lmfao. Next up: Adi's Gear Guide.
  17. Snow

    Registration for Ingame account

    From what Farbod said in the shoutbox, I'm gathering it will be tomorrow.
  18. Snow

    Core's Hall Of Fame

    If he doesn't come back after a ton of people are capped, I or somebody else will probably make a new hall of fame.
  19. Snow

    Registration for Ingame account

    Beta keys are from when Core first went into Closed Beta. He'll be removing it so the registrations can go up.
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