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Members vs. Staff

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Alright Core members. The aim of this game is simple. Beat the staff. This is a 'count-up' game, but this time, it pits the regular members against any and all challenging Staff members. Hopefully, this will make it more competitive.
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Rules : 

  • [*]
Count up by one number. Simple, right? [*]Any staff member who posts stops the chain and makes us (the members) start over. [*]Do not double post. It's bad for your health. [*]If you get ninja'd, please edit your post. This will happen when there's a mad dash to break a record. Please edit your post to make it easier for other members to keep an accurate account of what number they should be posting. [*]All other forum rules apply. [*]Your discussions on who has the best armor and weapons do not belong in this thread. [*]Have fun!~

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Current Member Record : 30
Previous Record : 21
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Top 3 Posters : 

  • Advent
  • Snow
  • Zephry

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Staff's Surest Defense : MrFarbodD
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Thread Housekeeping : 
Please PM me if : 

  • [*]A new record has been set. (The best time to do so would be as soon as the chain has been broken.) [*]The Top 3 Posters list has been changed.  [*]The Staff's Surest Defense has been changed.  [*]There has been a name change involving any members relating to the above listings. [*]Any suggestions regarding the amendment of rules. [*]Any other questions/concerns you have. [*] 

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