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Few bugs that may not be bugs

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This new patch full of content was awesome and all but there's a few things that been bothering me.


1. Psiken in Psiken Mansion:

She doesn't drop anything at all, nor do the dogs. She's suppose to drop a series of 114 Green weapons called Psikens. In order to tell the difference from a Chimera and Psiken weapon here you go - (these are not from Core Online)




2. Adealia and Adealia Valley:

On your friendlist they're the same map labeled Adealia.


The mobs don't drop anything besides Quest Items if you have said quest. This should be changed to where they drop normal mats/gear/weapon/scrolls like any other mob.


When you take a quest from Adealia, the quest tracker which shows where the mob is located is awfully wrong. It displays the location on the Town Adealia instead of Adealia Valley where the mob is at.


3. Enhancement Bonuses:

Since we have the chance to use 114/110 there's one thing I would like to point out.



A 114 Weapon/Armor should not have the same enhancement bonus as a 105 weapon/armor. If you look at the above picture about Chimera and Psiken weapons you'll see why.


Here you'll see the difference: (Again not pictures from Core Online. Old too cuz no HP and additional damage on SQ Axe)




4. 110 Reaper Skill Killer's Order deals Magical Damage instead of Physical Damage.

How ever this also the same with other trickster skills such as Soul Trap and Harsh Blow.


5. 110 Wizard Skill Meteor deals the meteor damage before it actually falls and consumes x4 more SP than usual.


6. Mobs in Psiken Mansion and Psiken Garden don't give drops such as weapon/armor/mats/town scrolls.


7. Can't use town warp scrolls while in Psiken Mansion and Psiken Garden.


8. Lucky House Guide map is glitched with no way out.


9. Adealia Battle Zone Guard is incorrect. If you enter, you go inside the Forest Perimeter of the Alberstol Ruin Battle Zone Guard which contains 100 Abyss.


10. Where is Level Guard 110 and 120? (I assume abyss zones)

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Addition to this list, the 110 Guardian skill (Saint's Protection) doesn't do anything besides consume sp when it is cast. 


Also, not sure if this is a glitch but the Incubus in Psiken Mansion are incredibly powerful in terms of their dmg output, doing almost x5 the damage of the other mobs their level that are in the same area (at least x5 the damage on my wiz). They also seem to have no spawn point that they 'reset' to, and just kind of follow you around the mansion.


Another thing I noticed (not sure if this is intentional or not) 110 sets seem to randomly have 1 stat that is slightly weaker then their matching 114 set (the stat is different for every class) when generally the pattern is that purples have slightly (by slightly I mean like 2) higher base stats (def/m.def/eva) then their next level green counterpart. For example, a 55 set would have slightly higher base stats then 58 green pants/60 green top/64 green boots. 

Some examples of the stat reductions:

Sharpshooter's lose eva on their 110 sets compared to 114 greens, the other 2 stats are slightly higher

Wizard's lose def on their 110 sets compared to 114 greens, the other 2 stats are slightly higher

Warlock's lose eva

Gladiators lose m.def

Knights lose def

If I'm not mistaken 110's are supposed to be the strongest armors in the game, even if it's only slightly stronger, but with the loss of a stat (on some pieces it can be 60 less of the stat or higher) it's arguable that 114s could be better.

Might as well throw on here that the 110 Thor Jewels are pretty awful compared to the 100 Orange Jewels, The earings/necklace are comparable to the 40 blue necklace/earings with their low resistances (20% I think it was) and low hp/sp bonus (don't have a number but it's considerably lower then 100 earings). The only plus on these is they can have higher added stats and be +10'd, but this doesn't make up for their awful base stats in my opinion. 

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1. Fixed

2. Fixed

3. Fixed

4. Fixed

5. Fixed

6. Fixed

7. Fixed

8. Fixed

9. Yet to add 110 and 120 abyss zones so it redirects to 100 for now.

10. Not there because of 9.


Closing as all of the issues have been fixed. As for abyss maps, I'll add them next time. Remind me so I don't forget.

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