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I'm back ^_^


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How's everyone doing? :3

I was here about a month ago, but things went downhill for me In Real Life.

So, I didn't have internet x3

But, things are looking up for me again and I want to come back on Core Fiesta!


I met some friendly faces on here last month.

And I hope to meet some friendly faces again ^_^

Like... I believe her name is Skylite but she was friendly :3


I was wondering how the community was here? It's probably active, isn't it? =)


I really cannot wait to get playing again and meet friends all over the place ^_^


I do, however, also play the Official Fiesta too.

But it's such a huge money grabber and I'm like, obsessed with the Cash Shop.

which is not good because I don't have a job (During the summer) and will be starting my full-time job somewhere around September.

But, if Core Fiesta is awesome and I make friends and get to play with others, etc etc. I'll definitely move away from the Official Fiesta and pour money on here.

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