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    It's Been a Long Journey...

    Thank you for all those years of hard work to make the best private server ever. I wish you the best!
  2. LessQQMorePewPew

    Bugged/Double Quests

    Here's a list of bugged quests, they close your client as soon as you click on the quest in your quest list. Suspicious Help 1 Suspicious Help 2 Helping Hand 1 Helping Hand 2 Helping Hand 3 Queen's Knights 4 Speedy Recovery... 2 These quests are given by the NPC twice at the same time. Get Mysterious Herb! (Repeatable Quest) Collecting Twister Crystals (Reapeatable Quest) Threats for Temporary Settlement 1 (Repeatable Quest) Threats for Temporary Settlement 2 (Repeatable Quest) The Third Enemies: Depraved Elves Mage (Repeatable Quest)
  3. LessQQMorePewPew

    WIP - Village of Tides

    Looks awesome!
  4. LessQQMorePewPew

    hii ^.^

  5. LessQQMorePewPew

    item shop suggestion/stones shop

    You could consider adding scrolls up to Tier 3 and potions up to T2. But to be honest I wouldn't add them to NPC at all.
  6. LessQQMorePewPew

    Favourite Grinding Area?

    Tough choice... Can't decide between 6x Abyss and OLT.
  7. LessQQMorePewPew

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

    Merry X-Mas everyone!
  8. LessQQMorePewPew

    What are you listening to?

  9. LessQQMorePewPew

    Villainous Moustache

    First of all, the Villainous Moustache doesn't show on your character at all, which takes away the reason to even wear it. Secondly, it replaces your glasses instead of your bandit mask/scarf.
  10. LessQQMorePewPew

    What are you listening to?

  11. LessQQMorePewPew


    It's annoying as hell when someone just says 'k', it's like they're not interested in what you're saying to them. Either way they're just too lazy to type 'ok' or 'okay' or they don't care about what you're saying, who knows what it is... All I know is that it's annoying.
  12. LessQQMorePewPew

    Lv. 50 Blue Weapon

    It should be able to get to +10 though, since it's a T3 weapon.
  13. LessQQMorePewPew

    75 Sets

    Did you kill the mobs around the boss aswell? Otherwise the boss will not respawn.
  14. LessQQMorePewPew

    What are you listening to?

  15. LessQQMorePewPew

    What are you listening to?

  16. LessQQMorePewPew

    I'm back, probably

    Welcome back~
  17. LessQQMorePewPew

    A to Z

    Alright this is how it works. I'll start off with a word that begins with the letter A and then the second person says a word that begins with the letter B etc. As soon as we're at the letter Z, it starts over at A. Be creative! Abortion
  18. LessQQMorePewPew

    What's weird on Core?

  19. LessQQMorePewPew


    For those who don't check the Facebook page, here's my remake of the Core Fiesta Trailer. Made some changes to make it look better.
  20. LessQQMorePewPew

    This or That

    Puppies Xbox or Playstation?
  21. LessQQMorePewPew

    KQ Time!

    Lost Mini Dragon KQ has always been fun aswell.
  22. LessQQMorePewPew


    Welcome back.
  23. LessQQMorePewPew

    This or That

    Wizard Weed or Alcohol?