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  1. Ruthless

    Wrong Price When NPCing Green Trickster 114 Weapons

    No. Shields give 171s. Trickster boots give 51s. Weapons 80s. Trickster hoods 81s. Reguardless its not really a big bug.
  2. Ruthless

    [EVENT] Onyx Crown Race

    Lol I remember onyx crown in os. 130k sc for perm. QQ
  3. Ruthless

    "The connection has timed out." Error

    This has happened to me before as well. Unfortunately you just have to run it as admin and open it as many time as it takes for it to open and if it doesn't work. Open up task manager and hit end process to all the Launcher.exe and repeat step one.
  4. Ruthless

    Patch Log #015 - 03 Feb 2014

    Bump. Second restart - Malphar has been buffed.
  5. Ruthless


    1. Few people actually put in effort to max out Comp/Decomp/Scroll making just to make scrolls. It's easy because of Green house. Also the Alchemy Expertise is only 250 coins, which can make things faster. Dedicate yourself by working hard and you should be able to get what you wanted instead of going around. 2. You do have to kill. Because in some specific scroll making you have to gather summon beast fighter tail and summoned beast tail which is not in the npc but you can kill them from low and high level monsters. 3. You just have to get use to which is which. No outline = LQ, Yellow outline = MQ and green outline = HQ. Fiesta was designed this way and yea, just have to get use to it.
  6. Ruthless

    What's your favourite map?

    Forest Of Slumber! The peaceful environment, with gorgeous water falls and I love the monsters there, also it's home of the big bad Hellgait.
  7. Ruthless

    Drop rate

    Hmm. I'll look closely into TK.
  8. Ruthless

    Coin drops

    Noted, will be fixed thanks.
  9. Luna, hating on my anime character avatar, always. :c

  10. Ruthless

    Drop rate

    1. TK ranted is decent. 2. GGK ranted is good if you are 49 and below. 3. ZK is fine but gives exp [unless Farbod fixed it] I'd suggest if you go GGK farming be 4x and not lv 50+, same thing for TK go for 51+.
  11. Ruthless

    Thread`s Core Suggestion

    Coins do drop only till certain low level up to 50 Abyss, I believe. And elure or decomping saps would flood the economy just as bad as having coins throughout all levels. But the best way to make money at a higher level ex; 100+ Killing monsters and grabbing 108 weapons they sell for 80s each. OLT is a great map to go money farming but it's a bit of a challenge. And with a rant the drop rate is even better.
  12. Ruthless

    Members vs. Staff

    Twenty....Oh wait. Just kidding.
  13. Ruthless

    I Got Invalid log In Information

    1. Did you download the launcher correctly? Meanig launcher 6.9 - http://fiesta.core.ms/forums/index.php/topic/264-launcher-69/#entry4494 2. Did you try using the same information on website. http://fiesta.core.ms 3. If step 2. You were able to log in then please sent Farbod a private message telling him to reset your password. If you were unable to log on to the website that means you're username or password is incorrect.
  14. Ruthless

    Welcome Thread.

    Hello. ~
  15. Ruthless

    Welcome Thread.

    He there. Welcome to Core, Thread.
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