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  1. Future Millionaire!

  2. I Dont know what will become of it, or what will happen :l

  3. Exhibit

    A bunch of ideas thrown together

    You forgot the buffing of the mages magic damage part *-*.....
  4. I have all my anti-virus's off.All rights to core launching is on and working.But it still gives me that some annoying error."An unknown error has occured, please report this to the administrator. Access is denied."
  5. Exhibit

    Patch Log #024 - 14 Apr 2014

    Mage should get magic damage boost please. To compensate for the cute level magic blast they have e.e
  6. Exhibit

    Class Balance

    I strongly believe that mages have been nerfed to hell and that they are worthy being given some sort of Magic damage boost. I dont care who you are and how much skill you think you have on a mage, whether it will be a Wizard or a Lock. You can't drop a glad who's extended, charmed or uncharmed that has mal gears. Not only do glads get stupid high evasion for no apparent reason, but they get high mdef. Any gladiator can just use full on def suits and boom You're practically screwed while pvping them.Im a lock, i could care less what happens for the wizzies, But as a lock, Ice field, drop 2 aoe's, *looks at glad's Hp*, well over half still. after two aoes and a barrage of attacks. As for lock magic blast, Like LMFAO... let me know WHOOO gonna kill a extended glad with 10k+ hp hitting 400s?? If thats the case then, Locks arent even a Mage DD class.. Smh at how locks are being treated :c..
  7. Exhibit

    [EVENT] Design a Costume

    My Submission :cIll draw one for girl chars laters e.e.. thats it for now, for males :c..http://prntscr.com/37qfdg
  8. Exhibit


    its funny though, how this clearly says its balanced prntscr.com/37edc5 But the struggles continue.For example. Dora. a glad whom supposedly has 1.9k eva, and god knows what mdef. A lock with a Lab or LH wand should not be hitting not cute ass 400s~500s no crit =o.. Might as well i say Fk mages cuz they cant do shet vs anyone who is extended. lmao.
  9. Exhibit


    Its annoying wanting to play a pvp class, when clearly its pvp Magic damage attributes are lowered, nerfed, etc... g_gI mean my best guess is the person who edited locks must hate locks I presume..Aint nothing like cute ass mdmg up against extended opponents =o... Nerf locks more pls.
  10. Exhibit

    Magic Blast nerf :/

    Okay.. Why cripple a classes(Warlock) damage dealing skill. I already know this topic has already sprung about on this forums but, like seriously... Lowering the damage on magic blast for lock is practically equivalent to taking away vitality from a glad. Neglect from a knight. Nature speed from Archers. And the ability to cast healing skills on a cleric. It'd be nice to have a balanced pvping. More so towards to blunt fact that, a lock whom has not enough aim to kill glads with their OP evasion, having the damage from magic blast would compensate for those misses. That being said, whats to happen when Mal jewls come about? Locks will be rendered useless up against a glad. High evasion along with OP magic defense.. might as well everyone play glads then. In closing, it'd be balanced if a wiz's magic blast doesn't rival's a lock's magic blast. Positive feedback please & thank you.
  11. Exhibit

    [EVENT] Rollback Events

    I prefer the way it was before... i was getting them more often. Now its like they dont even exist.
  12. Exhibit

    [EVENT] Rollback Events

    Um.... This drop rate got way worse.. Lmfao...1hour and only one Oj drop. ggwp Core.
  13. I have, Re-downloaded it. Re-installed it. Re-patched it. BUT now the error im getting is that my files have been modified. idk anymore :l...
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