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  1. Just got back from a friend's, and ready to play Core ^_^.

  2. Happy April Fool's~ :3

  3. Looked up my main's name last night...turns out Rosatia is some kind of skin disease...o.e

  4. Ignore my leaving statuses. I'm a drama king with little to no in-game friends and I get upset easily...re-installing and going to make a different char. Clerics are too hard to lvl T_T...even tho they're my fav class v.v"

  5. Love to all <3 Lyka

  6. To all who were friends with my char Lyka, I apologize for leaving the game without telling any of you...but I deleted all my chars and am leaving this server for good. Some of you may find me crazy for leaving, but I'm having a difficult time lvling by myself as a Cleric, and quite frankly, the community isn't what I thought it would be...most people just friended me because they wanted me to help because of the fact that I was a Cleric, not because they liked me or anything...Love t...

  7. Time to kick back, relax, and return to Core. <3

    1. Luna


      Yay welcome back!

  8. Apparently all I needed was a small break and I feel like playing again~ be back Sunday or Monday ^_^.

  9. Goodbye Core. It was fun while it lasted, but it's time for me to leave Fiesta in general...no more pservers and no more Fiesta. It's outlived its time in my heart, I think. This is either goodbye or a long break. I hope it's the second one, because I love Fiesta, even though I've been playing for 6 years now. Well, later everyone. I'll be back when the time is right. Either that or when I grow homesick :)

  10. They have SAO, .hack//Quantum and Fairy Tail on instant watch on Netflix~ omg :o

    1. Valiant
    2. Lyka


      LOL Valiant. I know it's not that big of a deal to you, but I've been waiting to see what all the buzz is about regarding Sword Art Online, and I've been wanting to see what Fairy Tail is about, since I hear it's an awesome anime. As for .hack//Quantum, the .hack//series is one of my favorites, but there are only 3 episodes of .hack//Quantum...o.O. It's an OVA apparently. Dunno what OVA stands for, though...

  11. If there's one thing I've learned while on this Earth, it's this; Don't trust people blindly.

    1. Valiant


      Exactly what I thought. Trusted someone blindly and they turned out to be fake.

    2. Sassy
  12. Changing acads when I come in-game tomorrow--put some good acad names in your comments--and not Redemption Para, Duel, or Hollow xDD

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    2. Parafrost
    3. FitzChevalerie


      im the only one with pwetty hat. noone forced to copy me


    4. Lyka


      Para, if you read my comment on my previous status, you'd know why I left. Behemoth said some very disgusting things to me when I first joined.

  13. I can definitely say I am the most patient solo cleric xDD. Lvl 72 now--heading for lvl 73~ ^_^. Once I hit 105, I'm working on one of my other chars--like my Trick or Fighter, maybe my Mage...idk :P

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    2. Parafrost


      Nu stay loyal :<.

    3. Valiant


      ^I like that attitude.


    4. Lyka


      Loyal to what--Behe's assholery? I don't think so--I'm going elsewhere. Probably Majestic. Thank you for helping me get in-game though. I do appreciate that. I just don't have any reason to stay loyal to an acad/guild run by an asshole, to be blunt about it. Not to mention all the insults he slung my way about me liking it up the ass and saying I was his gf when I'm clearly a guy D<. I don't have to take that, and no-one talks to me anymore anyway, so what do I rea...

  14. Finally got to lvl 70! What a trip that was...-_-". Anyone know the best place for a lvl 70 to lvl? Is it abyss or somewhere else? I don't like the idea of losing exp to other players, though...v.v". Hence the reason I don't pvp--mostly 'cuz I suck xDD. I can take out mobs just fine, but other ppl...not so much :lol:

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    2. MurderSuicide


      yw and when the server comes back online i can help plvl u some if u want, ik how long it can take soloing on a cleric x.x

    3. Lyka


      Okay--no idea how you guys can do GMs at lvl 70...they're elite mobs and I just died trying to take them down...:/

    4. Lyka


      gonna have to go back to FOS and lvl that way...v.v"

  15. Hmmm...should I start my Fighter or continue working on my Cleric? decisions, decisions...o.O

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