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Archer Stat and EMPWR builds?

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can anyone help me out idk really how archer goes here and looking to start one up. I would like to ask for help with a good stat build i should start with and aswell where to put my empwr points.


Now im still kinda debating whether i should go SS or Ranger atm i like to do pvp aswell as pve all the same so im thinking SS for me. 


So again i would greatly appreciate it if some 1 could help me out.

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If you like PvP and would like to be efficient in PvE I suggest SS! 


A stat build that could work well is +50 DEX, +25 SPR (Optional) rest STR.


Recommended Skill Empowerments: 


Nature's Mist - Full Cooldown and Power (Power is optional)


Piercing Shot - Full Cooldown and Power (Power is optional)


MultiBloodShot - Full Cooldown


Nature's Swiftness - Full Cooldown


Nature's Speed - Full Cooldown




Some people add these as well:


Aimed Shot - Full Cooldown and Power


Power Shot - Full Cooldown and Power




If you do go the SS route here's some skills you could empower:


Distant Shot - Full Power


Neutralize - Full Cooldown


Blind Shot - Full Cooldown


Slow Shot - Full Cooldown

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I think both prestige classes are good for both pve and pvp.

Rangers are more statted for survivability, sharpshooters for damage.


In pvp I find the ranger skills more useful at the moment. The binds as well as the ability to hide far outweigh neutralize and blind when it comes to utility in my opinion. However a sharpshooter that has the opportunity to stand still can burst through an opponent with raw speed/damage, something which rangers struggle more with.


In pve, unless you're raiding a single target boss, ranger is the way to go as they have both survivability and aoe upgrades.


That being said I play a sharpshooter, because I enjoy raiding...Also the bow is way cuter.


My sharpshooter is 50 dex full str, though I've been debating going just full str when I have gear decent enough to make the switch.


As for stat builds I'm using:


Venomous Shot - Full CDPoison Shot - Full CD

Bone Shot - Full CD

Nature's Swiftness - Full CD

Annihilating Power - Full Duration, Full CD

Nature's Mist - 2 Points CD

Piercing Shot - 2 Points CD

Neutralize - Full Duration, Full Cooldown

Blind Shot - Full Cooldown


And 3 skill points left over at 105.


I wouldn't recommend the duration on neutralize atm as the silence effect doesn't work properly and the cd on annihilating power can also be skipped if you wish to use those points elsewhere. I think I might move the points on one of those over to Distance Shot cd tbh.


The reason for the empowerments on aoe skills being as they are is that I find it easy enough to kite efficiently with just the 2 points on those two and none on multi blood shot. Also as a sharpshooter aoes aren't necessarily your thing as you don't receive upgrades in them but rather your single target skills.

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