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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions Thread


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Technical Problems:
Q: Re-patching the launcher:
A: Method 1: Using the Launcher

  • Open the launcher.
  • Click the '?' icon in the top, right corner of the launcher.
  • Double click the Core logo.

A: Method 2: Via Folder

  • Locate to the Core Fiesta directory (Right click the Core Fiesta launcher on the desktop and click Open File location).
  • Find the folder named 'reslauncher'.
  • Delete the folder named 'reslauncher'

Q: How to fix Sandboxie after a patch?

A: Follow this guide: Fix Sandboxie after Patch #25


Q: Can't Login - Launcher says Server Maintenance
A: The server is in maintenance, wait until the maintenance is finished. Check the Announcement section for any maintenance information.
Q: Launcher Error - You are not connected to the internet.
A: Either the server is down or you are actually not connected to the internet. Check the forums, to make sure either the forum is down, if you are connected to the internet.
Q: Launcher Error - Missing .Net Framework.
A: You need to install the .net framework version 4.0 or higher, you can download 4.5 from this link: http://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/download/details.aspx?id=30653
Q: How can I remove someones signature or get rid of someones signature?
A: If you hover over the signature of the user, you will notice an X symbol in the top right hand corner of their signature, below the line which separates the post content and the signature of the user.
Q: When I login, I get a Client Manipulated error message.
A: If you get this error upon logging in from the launcher then your antivirus has removed Client.exe, make sure it is in your Core folder and if it is not then make an exception or disable your antivirus. You can download the Client.exe from this link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/cuysc4kt3ciy5y0/Core+-+Client.rar
But if you get this error when you select your character then all you need to do is open the launcher click the '?' symbol in the top right hand corner and DOUBLE click the Core logo.
If that does not solve your issue post in the trouble shooting section and someone will help once they see your post.
Q: How can I re-patch my client.
A: Press the '?' (question mark) button in the top right hand corner of the launcher and then double click the Core logo.
Q: How long until my coins arrive?
A: It can take anywhere from minutes to 48 hours for your coins to arrive.
Q: My coins didn't arrive after 48 hours, what can I do?
A: Contact the support for our reseller first. You can do that by going here: http://support.playerize.com/
Q: My coins didn't arrive after I contacted help on Playersize?
A: Contact a member of staff, either me or Revn will be the most best options, and then I can contact Revn or forward the message to him.
Q: I have a problem that is not listed here where should I report it?
A: Post it in the troubleshooting section which would be the most preferred for future problems or private message a staff member.
Q: Why is it when I login an upside down question mark appears similar to: "¿?" ?
A: Make sure the resolution you selected is one that fits your screen, either change it or select one from within the game settings, for ease of use but the error doesn't affect anything, so if you want to keep your resolution then you needn't worry.


Q: I got an authentication failed/connection to servers has failed message when trying to login/select a server?

A: There are several reasons this could happen, first of all the login server is down, second of all your firewall or anti-virus may be blocking the connection for Core Fiesta. I would try asking friends or asking on the forums to see if others can connect, and if they can then you will need to check your firewall to add an exception and your anti-virus. If this doesn't work, create a new thread in the troubleshooting section and help will be given and soon as possible. Also try and contact an admin by private message or on the shout box.


Q: When opening the launcher I get the following error: "The application failed to initialize properly (Error Code) Click OK to terminate"?
A: Make sure you have the latest version of .NET framework. Our launcher only requires you to have version 4. You can download version 4 from here: http://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/download/details.aspx?id=17851


Q: Does Core Fiesta contain viruses?
A: No Core Fiesta does not contain any viruses, the only file that may be detected as a false positive virus is the Client.exe. This issue will be fixed in the future.


Q: The game closes when I log in?

A: Check your resolution matches your computers or is smaller.


Game Questions:
Q: What is the experience rate here?
A: The experience rate would be considered medium, it's not fast and it is not slow. About x15 - x20 if you are looking for a figure.
Q: What is the drop rate here?
A: The drop rate is again medium. But if you are looking for a specific figure overall about x10 - x15.
Q: How can I make money on this server?
A: You can collect and sell coins from monster drops up until the higher levels, where monsters will no longer drop coins and instead you will have to collect and sell Green Weapons. You can also stay in game and earn coins for every hour you are in game for. Every hour gives you 25 item mall coins. You can also make elrue which currently sells for 5 silver, it's balanced so don't think it's a low amount.
Q: How can I level up on this server?
A: Slimes will get you to level 10, from there you can go to forest of mist and get to level 20. Once you've reached level 20, I would suggest using the abyss until level 70. From there you can go onto Guardian Masters or Flaming Mine. Once you've reached level 90-100 the available training places will be Black Bears, Experimental Subjects, Black Shadows and the Origin of Life Tree map.
Q: How can I obtain cash shop items in game?
A: The Lucky Capsule provides you with a chance of obtaining most items such as charms, bags, extenders from the cash shop. Similarly, you can ask for players to buy you items from the cash shop in return for in game money, I suggest using the trade option, but make sure not to get scammed, we will not be held responsible.
Q: How can I obtain scrolls in game?
A: Lucky Capsule provides you with scrolls once you open them, up to 3 different scrolls. You can also buy them from players or use the production skill to make it yourself.
Q: How can I easily obtain materials for production in game?
A: The greenhouse is an instance which you can enter to farm materials, to get the key which is named "Herbalist Spade" you have to normally gather materials and it will have a small chance of dropping. Best place to farm this would be in a mine area with lots of ores to mine. Once you have a key go to Roumen and find the greenhouse portal, when you enter you will have 5 minutes to gather all the materials!
Q: What does the Lucky Capsule contain?
A: Scrolls, cash shop items and rare crowns, which have high bonus stats.
Q: Does this server have custom content?
A: Content is and will increasingly and slowly be added into the game, don't be put off by the lack of content, we make sure that everything we release is to the best of our abilities and that it is refined content.
Q: How do I do the level 20/60/100 job change?
A: These job changes are the same as retail Fiesta at the moment, with some changes to the level 60 job change to reduce the time needed to complete it.
Q: I can't find roars or mighty potions.
A: Roars and mighty potions have been removed from the game and there is currently no plan to add them back in.
Q: Does Guild Tournament work?
A: Yes it works and it is on every week. Invitation usually starts on Monday and the schedule for the bracket is set after it's closed. If you have checked and it's not on then it may have been cancelled or I forgot for that week.
Q: How can I vote for the server?
A: There is a vote link above the shoutbox with the Top of Games icon, similarly you can just click this link: http://topofgames.com/index.php?do=votes&id=65508
Q: Where can I download the game from?
A: By clicking the download button on our home page: http://fiesta.core.ms/ Or you can just go straight to the download page via this link: http://fiesta.core.ms/?pg=download
Q: When I try to login, it says invalid username or password.
A: Your forum account and ingame accounts are different please make an ingame account on the website which can found at:  http://fiesta.core.ms/  or just go straight to the registration page: http://fiesta.core.ms/?pg=register
Q: How can I register for an ingame account?
A: By pressing the register button on our home page: http://fiesta.core.ms/ Or you can just go straight to the register page via this link: http://fiesta.core.ms/?pg=register
Q: How can I buy coins for the item mall?
A: Go to the item mall page and make sure that you are logged in. Then click the Buy button and follow the payment procedures.
Q: Where is the item mall?
A: http://fiesta.core.ms/webshop.php
Q: Where is the home page?
A: http://fiesta.core.ms/
Q: Where can I apply for a staff position.
A: If you are interested, message me on the forums, but we won't be taking anyone in unless we need anyone.
Q: I have some feedback that I would like to leave, where can I post it or who can I tell?
A: You can post it in the feedback section on the forum, which would be the best option to use, but you can also private message one of the staff members.
Q: Where can I redeem my gift key from?
A: Login to the website and click settings below your user information, next click the 'Claim Gift Key' option and enter your key and then press submit.
Q: The buy coins button doesn't work when buying coins?
A: Make sure that your adblock is disabled. Disabled all of your adblock add-ons for our website and then try again. If that does not work then try using a different web browser such as Firefox or Google Chrome.

Security Questions:
Q: Is the security questions and answer on the registration page a big deal?
A: Yes it is as this is used in our 'Forgot your Password' system to recover your account.
Q: How can I change my password?
A: Login to your account on the website and select settings next to the Logout button, below your information. Then selected the 'Change Your Password' option and enter your previous password and your new password.
Q: How can I change my security information?
A: Login to your account on the website and select settings next to the Logout button, below your information. Then select the 'Change Security Question' option and then enter your new security information. Make sure to keep it secure!
Q: How can I change my email address?
A: Login to your account on the website and select settings next to the Logout button, below your information. Then select the 'Change Your E-Mail' option and enter your previous email and your new email.
Q: How can I recover my account if I have forgotten the password?
A: Click 'Forgot Password' option in the login area and enter your correct information.


Q: I receive an error message when the launcher beings extracting the patch files, how do I fix it?

A: Make sure that your windows system is set to use a convential Region. You can find your region in the windows settings for date time, currency. Make sure you are not using a region which enables UTF8 support.


We do not add users on Skype, if you need help private message a staff member or post on the forums asking the players.

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