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Weekly/Monthly Events  

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  1. 1. Would Weekly/Monthly Events make you play Core more Often?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Maybe
  2. 2. Would you think it will make Core bring in more Players?

  3. 3. What kind of Weekly Events?

    • +100% Drop Rate Boost
    • +100% Exp Boost
    • Spawn Events

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Okay not to be rude, but you are stating the obvious. There's no one who wouldn't like events weekly and rewards followed by that. 


It's like asking "Would you rather drink water or drink nothing" lol...


The answer is simple, simply don't have the resources or time to do events weekly. We have been trying to make an effort, but organising events takes lots of time an effort if you want to do it properly. The rewards are especially an issue because they shouldn't be overpowered and they should be meaningful. Something like an EXP boost or drop boost is not a good reward.


If you have ideas for events or reward suggestions you're always welcome to post suggestions, but something like this won't really help change anything, because if I could do events every week, I would already be doing that.

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