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  1. Zekaryah

    [EVENT] Design a Costume

    you're just trolling now lol you fail at life, nuff said.
  2. Zekaryah

    [EVENT] Design a Costume

    um excuse but you are not entitled to claim these as your own, you did not design them or made. I personally know the person who did these and you're simply just taking them and saying you did them which in fact you didn't and don't try to say that you did because you have no proof.
  3. special brownies, anyone o: ?

  4. Zekaryah


    try adding more recent art work :x, then compare the old and new.
  5. Zekaryah

    Kit's Random Picture Thread

    o: okie then
  6. Zekaryah

    Some stuff by mucski

    you got some impressive work there, very nice indeed.
  7. Zekaryah


    lol dw about that but i have seen it and your work before ... cant wait to more
  8. Zekaryah

    Kit's Random Picture Thread

    o.o im not afraid to give criticism*** ok here we go, on the nokata the border is way too big and should be reduce a bit more, i see some unclean edges on the right and should be clean up. i think for the border a green-blue/purple will be nice, but not too saturated or unsaturated. the bg is plain but not bad, since i see you trying to keep it simple. and the text and char are just fine. its nice to see some people show their text and not placing it in places where it blends to color scheme or the object. on the arikan one, well lets see its simple done. once more nice text, but i cant help it feeling that on that sigg you were trying to create a purple smoke effect because i can see that some of the character edges seem to be overlap by a brush texture. if you were going for a smokey effect best to blend some more color to that smoke cloud, reduce opacity near edges and slowly paint over it to your liking. smudge some areas on the outer border or add a little more brush strokes. on the kitsune one, nice design but bad color scheme choice for the background. you don't want to use the same color as the char or object because it would look rather dull or bad to look at. try using a different color that would help make this image pop out a little because right now looking at the image makes my eyes not to look at . the last two images are plain and simple and are fine the way they are but they can be improved if wanted to. don't take this harshly, and just stating what i see and what should be done to fix it -Zeka
  9. Zekaryah


    e.e i already seen it, do some more.
  10. Zekaryah

    [EVENT] Signature For MrFarbodD

    guess ill give a shot, see how it goes.
  11. Zekaryah

    Ady's Gallery. ¬.¬

    nice faces , but help to notice that the red one is similar to the female one
  12. Zekaryah

    Kit's Random Picture Thread

    nice an art thread 8D but not enough ppl yet to start the criticism
  13. I see the light *

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