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  1. bratboy909

    Updated ToS

    but no worries you won, i quit im done with this server. but now there are 2 glads fully geared in my place. watch the fireworks, our glads > yours any day c;
  2. bratboy909

    Updated ToS

    crucial no we can't as a glad myself i know if we just auto'd a mage would beat us, please shut up and stop x.x
  3. bratboy909

    Updated ToS

    i dont share accounts little lady :/ please get it right, and i play a glad better than you c; let alone being the best glad on teva server. please sit down
  4. bratboy909

    Updated ToS

    he runs it but he obeys unlimited? since when? i get he is helping the community but please tell me anyone NOT in unlimited who complained? sorry Rita but please :c sit down, you cant win in this fight. and yes its his server, but last time i checked on Fiesta (retail) kiting is aloud. what if a knight is going to die and he runs off to escape? OH NO HE IS KITING REPORT HIM! thats what you are saying last time i checked. please...shut up.
  5. bratboy909

    Updated ToS

    I'd delete my character if it wasn't hacked. I wonder who could have taken it? but anyways PLEASE learn how to play the freaking game correctly. This maybe a pserver but its still basically Fiesta, kiting is legit. Glitching isn't. Control your server Farbod
  6. bratboy909

    Updated ToS

    Farbod i respect you trying to help the community but 1 guild isnt the community. Unlimited doesnt run the server you do, so why do you obey them? that is stupid let alone defending them when honestly, all they do is cry. Im sorry to tell you this but you need to run your server more for the community, not that guild known as unlimited. last time i checked, your name was behind the server, and aiding that one guild you will get less people on your server so this server will be a waste of your time. you need to pay attention to the evidence also, there are videos of them glitching/cheating because they cant play the game right, get your ban hammer up and running and get off your butt please. its beginning to get stupid the way you are running this game. ALSO if i may, archers are an available class, if you dont want people to kite, get rid of archers. dont be an idiot, it isnt cute.
  7. bratboy909

    Updated ToS

    Learn to play David :c im sorry your guild sucks and you guys need to glitch, pardon me but we do have a video of it. aswell you guys just need to delete your characters you all suck anyways haha. trashy trash trash <3
  8. bratboy909

    Updated ToS

    Please learn how to play a class you trash glad :c im sorry you suck so badly that you need to cry....just makes me sick people like you exist in this world, kill yourself. kthnxbai(:
  9. bratboy909

    Updated ToS

    last time i checked, you guys are the ones who always have an excuse :c please learn to stfu....trashy trash trash :c so impolite.
  10. bratboy909


    Hi, whats the guild name? xD
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