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  1. Akai

    [EVENT] Spam for Subscriptions

    So much spam o.o
  2. Akai

    [EVENT] Onyx Crown Race

    Onix.... why u don't loves me QQ
  3. Akai

    Dedi needs an upgrade?

    The lag doesn't happen only on high load times. Per example, this morning (GMT+0) around 11am, when almost no one is online, we were lagging like hell (+2k ms delay) for like 30mins, then it went away and the game was playable again. Sometimes it's just spikes... other times dcs... If the dedi is in fact the best option available atm, something must be wrong somewhere. No, its not our ISP. A quick speedtest check showed that all latency was withing the acceptable to german servers (60ms in my case). Maybe routing problems? Like it happens in EUW (LoL)? Cause like some have said, it doesn't affect all players, and not all at the same time.
  4. Akai

    [EVENT] Onyx Crown Race

    Still pissed my crown is not gold anymore... Not that I play it anymore lulz... But still D: Had a slime head + honeying t-shirt 2 QQ
  5. Akai

    Guild private subforums

    Groups? o.o They're managed by the Master of ea guild. If this IPB is set correctly, ea user can have belong to 2 diferent usergroups. The principle is the same as with the subscriber/etc groups.
  6. Akai

    Guild private subforums

    Would it be possible to implement a Guild Zone, with individual & private guild subforums?
  7. Akai

    Kuro's Alchemy Store

    Stall open @ Marketplace for the night. T5 stones for sale.
  8. Akai

    [MINI-EVENT] Confessions of Love

  9. Akai

    [MINI-EVENT] Confessions of Love

  10. Akai

    production skill

    -.- T5 speed scrolls... For lvl100 players... JELLYS HQ & FIGHTER TAILS. lvl30/40 mats? Don't think so. If all other drops follow the mob and chara level, so should this ones, and unfortunately they DON'T. We don't want LQ jellys or regular tails at higher mobs, we want what was supposed to be there either way. About the rest I won't even comment. It has nothing to do with the matter at hand here. Stop dragging other subjects here.
  11. Akai

    production skill

    O.o You really are narowminded. And have a problem understanding what people are writing. Apparently discussing with you is a lost cause.
  12. Akai

    production skill

    What coins? There's no coins after 60... How is farming at that lvl any different from farming at a lower lvl? You can kill shitloads of mobs either way...
  13. Akai

    production skill

    I gave an example. And I never talked about putting them on NPC for sale. So capped players have no rights uhm?
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