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  1. Gone back to my old self, personally prefer myself this way being sad and miserable before it can even hit you really softens the blow.

  2. Lektric

    Sand Hill

    think most servers dont have sand hill due to alot find it un needed.... might of forgot to put a gate there might aswell just wait and see what farbod says
  3. Lektric


    haha yer it was tbh maybe high but i gotta be honest farbod added a great point teamwork is key from 90+ much more exp i was blessed cause im a badass archer and soloed my 95-100 xD
  4. Lektric

    Log in Bug

    tbh find it rather funny atleast she didnt use his account for anything
  5. Lektric

    What are you listening to?

  6. Lektric

    EXP Rates like Xeni?

    yer abyss could do with a little bit of a lower but i gotta admit the outside mobs need a boost black bears 1 mill akill.... rather low
  7. Lektric


    Type of bug (Graphical, Text, Game, Other): Game Time of Occurrence: 4:00 am (gmt +0) Location: Roumen, Marketplace, Cp1 Character Name: Lektric and Heal Screenshots: Forgot i will get some when i can How to recreate it: Trading the receiver Description of bug: when trading you cant do it in roumen or the marketplace due to duping glitch which is understandable but in cp1 me and heal could trade between each other. Any other information: -
  8. Lektric

    Cash shop

    i guess i can gift anyone who needs till we get a admin on pm what u need if so guys.
  9. Lektric

    Cash shop

    Type of bug (Graphical, Text, Game, Other): Item mall Time of Occurrence: 3:35 am (gmt +0) Location: Roumen Character Name: Lektric and Kiwi (feeling the bug) Screenshots: cant really show How to recreate it: Buy a item mall item such as charms Description of bug: When brought it takes off everyone in the server including the buyer itself, so for example kiwi has - 55.7k earlier now its -57.2k. Any other information: Needs a big fix
  10. Lektric

    Cant Delete Hide Buff

    Type of bug (Graphical, Text, Game, Other): Game Time of Occurrence: 3:00 am (gmt+0) Location: Roumen Character Name: Lektric (ranger) Screenshots: How to recreate it: Go back into hide. Description of bug: I have noticed u cant delete the hide buff and the only way to get out is using a skill, on most servers you can delete the skill so i dont know if this would be a bug or not, not 100% sure but i will leave this here just incase. Any other information: Tested it 3 times, once infront of spader and glowstick, the system box shows its a unremovable buff for some reason.
  11. Makin em mad since 95.

  12. Lektric

    New Instances

    ah k yer that gate wasnt there when me ghost and glowstick looked...
  13. Lektric

    EXP Rates like Xeni?

    honestly it would not hurt for it to be a little lower but i only say that cause u do get the people who have no idea how to play a class and cause lvling can be too easy u may have a cleric who thinks hes a damage dealer... just saying...
  14. Lektric

    New Instances

    where should it be stationed freddy? i can check it
  15. Lektric

    New Instances

    yer kinda needs a fix quick lol
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