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Hiya. Since I can't be on all the time, I figured I make this post.


In this post I will be listing things I'm selling. However if there's something not here that you want, please drop a post so I can see if I have it.


Currently in stock:


Secret Lab Weapons. (105 Blue Weapons)

Lucky House Weapons. (105 Orange Weapons)

Magrite Weapons. (100 and 105 Green Weapons)


105 Malephar Armour. (105 Light Blue Armour)

110 Magrite Armour. (110 Blue Armour)

110 Abyss Armour. (110 Light Blue Armour)

100 Leviathan Nest Armour. (100 Blue Armour)

105 Secret Lab Armour (105 Blue Armour)

100 Orange Jewels (100 Orange Earrings, Rings, and Necklace) (High Statted)

100 Noitome Badges (100 Badges)

110 Thor Jewlery (110 Thor Jewel Set)

Level 1 Geo Skins (13% Damage Skins)

Level 100 Shard Skins (15% Damage Skins)

Level 100 Trans Skins (16% Damage Skins)


Cash Shop:

50% Exp Cards (Cheap! 1 card = 2g)


There's probably more that I've missed but this is all right now. 


Interested in anything? Post what you want and if I have it shoot me an offer! 

Need to contact me quickly? Add me on Skype! Username: zephryum


Thanks for reading.~



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