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Found 9 results

  1. It's time for another great summer on Core! I'm bringing back the fabulous Phino Invasion event from the 2015 summer which @Luna made! Hopefully it will be just as great! Lets get this party started! This event will run from 12th of June till the 12th of July.
  2. Hiya!~ MeliChu here to suggest a interesting event that is awesome for summer! Okay so here is the idea. After doing research and hearing other people mention things that seem to be really epic. I was thinking of something like the snowflake event(where you exchanged snowflakes you collected for prizes) but instead of snowflakes use summer theme'd collectibles! (i.e. with July close by I was thinking maybe we could collect fireworks more specifically) This is just an idea that I thought about. Now I shall list some reasons to justify why I think you should do this: 1. IT WOULD BE FREAKING AWESOME. I think a lot of people that played that winter event would enjoy something like this to be brought back not only for the sole purpose that it was fun but you could add so many different and new rewards for everyone to enjoy. 2. THE TIMING IS PERFECT! With summer time around the corner it's the perfect time to get more players a chance to get things and to populate the server with awesome events. Generally during summer people have more time to play games and would get to experience this. If anyone has anyone has input on how to make this Suggestion even better, Leave a comment below!~
  3. NOTE: This guide may not display properly on low resolution screens.
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