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Found 12 results

  1. As the title of thread is called, I want to suggest a every week, Friday through Sunday, Weekend EXP & Drop Rate boost. Why? This encourages players to get on every weekend, the time where (presumably) a lot players have time off from school or work to make up for what they missed out on during the weekdays. The EXP and Drop Rate boost could be boosted up to an appropriate rate. Example: 50% EXP Boost and 50% Drop Rate Boost. A person leveling can stack a 50% EXP Card with the server's EXP boost. A person farming can stack a 50% Hunter War Rant with the server's Drop Rate Boost. Time to set up the server boosts? 12PM EST. More to addon? I seen a lot of games do this as the weekend is really the time where a lot of the playerbase get on. Thanks for reading.~
  2. Hiya!~ MeliChu here to suggest a interesting event that is awesome for summer! Okay so here is the idea. After doing research and hearing other people mention things that seem to be really epic. I was thinking of something like the snowflake event(where you exchanged snowflakes you collected for prizes) but instead of snowflakes use summer theme'd collectibles! (i.e. with July close by I was thinking maybe we could collect fireworks more specifically) This is just an idea that I thought about. Now I shall list some reasons to justify why I think you should do this: 1. IT WOULD BE FREAKING AWESOME. I think a lot of people that played that winter event would enjoy something like this to be brought back not only for the sole purpose that it was fun but you could add so many different and new rewards for everyone to enjoy. 2. THE TIMING IS PERFECT! With summer time around the corner it's the perfect time to get more players a chance to get things and to populate the server with awesome events. Generally during summer people have more time to play games and would get to experience this. If anyone has anyone has input on how to make this Suggestion even better, Leave a comment below!~
  3. Hi. I would like to complain I never got the reward for this event: Link to Event
  4. As you all know, our population is slowly dimming down back to how it was before the 'The Rise of Karen!' hype. This is merely a suggestion but a way players join servers is either through advertisement or fan sites (like Top of Game). And no, I'm not suggesting forced voting on the launcher as that is improper business ethics (or something like that). My suggestions is to get back our base population: Vote for Coins: I've seen this on other games and servers where a player logins into their account and once on it they can go to a voting section and vote from Top of Game, GTop100 and etc. I believe the same can be done here. With a medium of 100 coins every 12 hours? Voting Events: Like on Official Fiesta, they have these events where if they hit a milestone on their Facebook likes (for example 100,000) they hold a weekend or weekly exp/drop rate boost. I believe this can be implemented with how many votes we got on Top of Games or GTop100. (I remember when we had a drop rate boost back when the server launched after OBT) More Video Events: We had video events before to advertise the game (Core Online) I don't think the prize has to be grand or big, but more of these events should be done to promote server awareness throughout Youtube and other media sites. Thank you for reading. : )
  5. Summer Time Fun - Event Summer is almost gone, but the heat is still around. What do you guys like to do when it's hot outside? For me, the best way to cool down is to take a dip in the pool or go to the beach! So before things start to cool down and the leaves change color, how about we have one last summer time blast? I know fashion isn't everything, but I absolutely love everything Summer themed. It's my favorite time of the year, but lately I just can't find anything worth wearing that speaks "summer", so I was wondering if maybe you guys could help me. To enter, simply create a cute swimsuit or suit outfit, which can be worn by both girls and boys, showing the front and back, finally post your outfit on this thread and wait for the results. Rules: You must submit your design showing both the front and back of the outfit. There must be a female and male version of the outfit. The outfits must be appropriate. You can post as many submissions as you like, but only if they are your own. If your submission does not meet the required rules then you will be disqualified and your post will be ignored. Prizes: Teal Subscription (Permanent) Azure Subscription (238 Days) Gold Subscription (119 Days) Everyone will receive: An Attendee title for participating in the event! Deadline: This contest will begin today, August 30th, 2014. And will be closed on September 21st, 2014. There will be 3 winners which will be chosen by myself at the end of the event.
  6. Design a Costume Don't think you can get a part of the event costume when the great big Event Phino invades Roumen but you do have some creative ability? Look no further than this event. You've got a chance to win the entire set by designing the best Core Fiesta costume! If I particularly like your costume and it is possible to re-create it, it may even find itself in Core Fiesta (with your permission). Create a front and back design for both a male and female version of your costume. The design must be composed of at least: shoes, a top, and bottoms (or a dress). (They don't have to be separate pieces, just as long as it's a "full" costume). The design can be created in any medium (traditional or digital). One entry per player, but entries can be edited and modified until the end of the contest period. March 19, 2014 ~ April 19, 2014 < Contest closes at 11:59PM EST on April 19 > Everyone's a Winner, But... Anyone who enters will get a choice of one (1) of one 30-day event item from below. The winning entry will win a full wardrobe of 90 day-duration event items for their character, the Attendee forum title, a Core Artist award to display beside their forum name, and 10,000 Coins to spend in the Item Mall, and their creation put into the game (with your permission)!
  7. The level 1 races! Participants will be level 1 characters that must run through whatever comes in their way to reach a goal area and win a prize. First 3 participants to arrive will win a prize! Prize changes depending on the difficulty of the area they are trying to reach. Easy difficulty restrictions: -Must still be level 1 upon arrival. -May have a higher level escort. -May use a mount. -May have any buffs and scrolls. -Safe arrival point Medium difficulty restrictions: -Must still be level 1 upon arrival. -May have a higher level escort limited to level 80. -May NOT use a mount. -May have scrolls. -Arrival point with monsters. Hard difficulty restrictions: -Must still be level 1 upon arrival. -No escort allowed. -No mount allowed. -Must not be chased by any monsters upon arrival. -No buffs allowed. -Arrival point with lots of monsters/PVP enabled. This is my suggestion, as there are not all that many events to participate in on here, and it is a lot of fun running into high level places as a complete noob.
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