How do I get started?

When you first enter the game in Roumen, Remi is waiting to assist you as you first begin your journey through Isya. Talk to her and listen to what she has to say.

Her Tutorial Quest will help you learn the basics of playing Fiesta. Follow her instructions carefully and soon you will be ready to begin your adventure.

How do I recover Hit Points and Spirit Points?

For free HP and SP regeneration press the ‘Home' key to enter and exit your minihouse.

The minihouse menu can be accessed by pressing the ‘H‘ key. If the minihouse does not appear, move away from other players and NPCs and try again. When in battle, recover HP or SP by using potions and stones; in Roumen these can be purchased from Healer Julia.

How do I get a horse?

Mounts are a great way to quickly move around the world of Isya. In Roumen you can purchase a wooden horse from Item Merchant Pey. In addition to the mount, you will need to buy flotation stones from Item Merchant Pey. Right-click the horse in your inventory to mount and dismount from your horse.

The progress bar next to the wooden horse's icon will decrease as you ride it; right-click flotation stones to keep it afloat.

How do I make my weapon and shield glow?

Players can make their equipment glow by enhancing it at the Blacksmith.

Note: there is a chance of downgrading or even destroying your items during the enhancement process.

Can Game Masters (GMs) give me a boost with money, items or help leveling my character?

GMs are present in the game to answer questions and make sure the game is running smoothly, but they do not respond to requests for special treatment. It's up to you to save Isya!

If I die, can someone revive me?

Clerics can revive dead characters, but they do not gain this ability until level 20.

If you die in a lower level zone like Roumen or Forest of Tides, nearby clerics probably won't have the Revive skill—so warp to town and run back to where you were.

If you die in an area with characters at or above level 20 someone may revive you if you ask them nicely!

What is the moving bar I see when harvesting resources like ore, wood, or flowers?

The scrolling bar you see below your character gives you a chance to speed up the gathering process. Click on the yellow bar at the exact moment the moving green bar hits it and you will gather items immediately.

How do I create a guild?

Guilds are a great way to stay connected with friends and have allies to help with challenging quests and can be created by visiting one of the Guild Managers in either Elderine or Roumen.
To create a guild you need to be at least level 20 and have 300 silver. Players of any level can join a guild, but must be invited.

How do I join a Kingdom Quest?

Kingdom Quests are a great way to earn experience and work together with a group of players. In Roumen, talk to Town Chief Roumenus for a list of available Kingdom Quests, descriptions, and level requirements.
Kingdom Quests are very popular and can be hard to get into, but be persistent.
Your patience will be rewarded!

My computer slows down in crowded areas. How can I speed it up?

Hold down the Shift key and press ‘Z‘; this will hide all nearby player characters and mushroom shops, making it easier to move around. Press Shift-Z to make them reappear.





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