Chapter 1: The Birth of Bijou

There was a being exceeding the existence of the gods. His name is Legel.

He could create existence from nonexistence, also possessing the power to purify existence back to its original form.

Legel created a huge and beautiful continent not in the world of eternity, but in the space called ‘time’. He shared his powers with the gods, gave birth to a new life on the continent.

Legel loved the beautiful continent where small creatures lived.

Fiesta Bijou

They learned to harmonize with the nature he created, and watching over them was Legel’s greatest pleasure.

However, there were gods jealous and desiring his pleasure and powers. The gods, blinded by jealousy and greed, joined forces and stole his holy body, pushing him into the space full of darkness to seal Legel into eternal darkness.

The very moment Legel was being sucked into darkness he created Bijou who is somewhat like his other self.

Legel fell into the deep darkness as he finished the duplicated creation of himself embodied with everything he had.

The gods were astounded. Although they sealed Legel with all of their strength, Legel’s other self, Bijou, remained in this world.

The frightened gods attempted once again to destroy Bijou’s existence.

Fiesta Bijou

A swirl of incredible power devastated the area. It seemed that even light, wind, and darkness were destroyed.

Nonetheless, Bijou was not destroyed. He only fell asunder, scattered throughout the continent where creatures dwelt.

The gods could be relieved for a while. They were certain that Bijou was unable to use his strength with himself broken in pieces.

But that didn’t last long.

One day the continent on the surface echoed with songs of blessing in the giant elven forest. It was the song of blessing at the discovery of one of Bijou’s pieces.





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