[EVENT] Community Video ContestMar 2 2015

Videos are a great way to advertise the server and create memories for future nostalgia, thatís why we are holding a video contest. I understand that creating a video takes a lot of time, work and effort. That is why I have gone all out in awarding the winners appropriately. You have the chance to lots of amazing goodies such as 15,000 item mall coins or godly gear fully enchanted. Make sure to view our forum thread for the full list of prizes and rules as well as all other necessary details.

Psyken Mansion, Huge Expansion!Jan 5 2015

Thanks to our players' suggestions for new content, we have released a huge update that is sure to satisfy every playing style. It includes Psyken Mansion, Chimera and Untruthful weapons, Eglack & Salare in Adealia who drop 110 Burning Adealia armour and Thor jewels, new 110+ level skills, over 40+ new costumes, accessories, minihouses, bug fixes, and more. Download and explore the new content for yourself!

What's New on Core Fiesta?Dec 16 2014

Christmas is here on Core Fiesta and we've prepared an assortment of fun, festive activities for you and your friends to partake in. Exchange Snowflakes that you find from Mr.Frost in-game for cool prizes! Refer a friend to Core and get rewarded for it. Or if you're the artistic type, you might be interested in designing a holiday card! Click here for all the details.

The Awaited Content Update!Aug 21 2014

Itís been a long time since an update, a few months at best, but Iíd like to thank everyone who stuck with us and they shouldnít be disappointed because the cap raise is going to be bringing some awesome content with it! This includes several new instances for both high levels and perms, one of which is the new Aura instance which will be for both perms and capped players, along with the new Shard skin instance for capped players.

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Server Time:

Exp Rate:

Medium (x20)

Drop Rate:

Medium (x15)



  • 1. Jellyfish
  • 2. Vektor
  • 3. Skunk
  • 4. Wallaby
  • 5. Cross
  • 115
  • 115
  • 115
  • 115
  • 115



  • 1. Irix
  • 2. NatsuxDragneel
  • 3. LilCookie
  • 297
  • 286
  • 245



  • 1. Meth
  • 2. WarPrincesz
  • 3. Talos
  • 20
  • 15
  • 12