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❤ Yui's Fiesta Character Generator ❤

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Konnichiwa~! Welcome to my Generator.
I use a difficult machien that makes your crappy chars turn pretty!

Nyu, Jk. > A <
This Fiesta Characater Generator is just turning
screenshots of Fiesta character into adorable
Anime looking art or Bad assness OAO.
P.S. My Art Sucks.

There are Four types that i can draw
for your character design.

1)Chibi Drawing (Head Only)

2)Chibi Drawing (Full Body)

3)Head-to-Shoulder Drawing

4)Full Body Drawing
Here are two examples:

Chibi Example (Head only)

Posted Image

Full Body Example

Posted Image


If Interested, Please reply with the following:

Ingame Name:
Class (Optional):
What do you want it to say?(Type here or leave blank)
Which do you perfer from the following four types?(Type Here)
Specific Colors? (Tell me here)
Specific Pose? (Tell me here/Post image here)
Specific Theme? (Tell me here)
(Post Screenshot of Fiesta character here)

EXTRA: Would you like an Icon version aswell? (Leave blank if no)

Note: It takes few hours to few days to complete request,
Depending on how many requests I have at the time.

Enjoy * -*

Request Completed:

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