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Raid boss locations & Drops


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Hello everyone .

In this topic I will explain the locations of all raid bosses in the game, also the fastest ( most common ) route to reach them and what the bosses actually drop .

Note : the routes i write here can only be used by characters lvl 110 or higher since you need full access of main teleport gate .


Malephar: @ dark land

Roumen> adealia>adealia valley > dark land > malephar normal gate 

Drop: level 105 armour, weapons

Malephar hardcore : @ dark land

Roumen>adealia>adealia valley> dark land ( the gate next to the normal male gate.

Drop:  level 105 armour, weapons, ml mini, and after the kill, chests that have a change of dropping weapons, armour, t5 scrolls and rare ML jewels.

Focalor: @ dark land

Roumen>adealia>adealia valley>dark land> Lair of the focalor

Drop: a special aura that drops in 7 different varieties  ( def, mdeff, atk dmg, mgc dmg, crit, eve, aim)all auras give 10% base and extra random end int dex str spr stats

Helga: @ alberstol ruins 

Roumen>alberstol ruins> hellgaits cave

Drop: hellgait weapons

Karen: @ kahal plains 

Roumen>adealia>adealia valley > kahal plains> thorn cave

Drop: Karen weapons, Karen mini pet, and jewels


Extra : Instances 

Ghosty @ dark land 

Roumen>adealia>adealia valley > dark land > ghostys cave 

Drop: 16% transparent weapon skins and transparent suits.

Shard golem: @ dark land 

Roumen>adealia>adealia valley >dark land > shard temple

Drop: 15% shard weapon skins


Noitome ( guild instance )

Roumen> aberstol ruins > swamp of dawn > noitome’s lair

Drop: level 105 gear and badges.

I hope this guide will be useful.









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