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Found 2 results

  1. MeliChu

    KQ Time!

    Hiya! :3 I'm here today to suggest that we could take already existing KQs on the list and bump them up to the cap lvl! Quite personally I like KQs (and know some others too that would like to do some fan favorites of KKP and Gordon). You could be saying "why do that when you could just make a character for the levels already associated with the KQs?" Well for this answer I'm going to say because 1. IT WOULD BE AWESOME TO DO SOME OF THOSE LOWER LEVEL KQS AS A CAPPED CHAR!(My personal favorites KKP/Gordon) Having all those prestige skills would be awesome and I kinda always wondered what it would be like to play those KQs with prestige and capped and if they were bumped to cap levels :3 (I could be the only one that feels this way, I don't know.) 2. YOU COULD GIVE OUT REWARDS THAT ARE COMPLETELY DIFFERENT THAN WHAT YOU NORMALLY GET! I was thinking if you can get it to work adding in things that last for 7 days that could include some different/unique outfits, Auras(that are not as good as Focalors), and Accessories. Reasoning for adding these kinds of rewards is so that everyone has a fair chance to get them because KQs there for everyone to do, does not matter what guild your in and what not and might bring people together as a community! Well here's my little thing on this subject! If anyone has anything they would like to add about KQs leave them below! :3
  2. At level 108 the quest "The Gradual Unfolding of the Truth" opens up. The quest requires you to get a 10 drops from hardcore Malephar called Covenants of Darkness. The reward for gathering all ten Covenants is some exp, some money, a bit of fame, and the Malephar horse mount named Kentauros of Darkness. Now here's where the problem lies. On retail Fiesta Kentauros of Darkness is permanent, rare, and only available through this quest. On Core not so much. He can be bought from the mount merchant in Roumen just like every other mount for 500s and only lasts 30 days. So my suggestion would be to change the rewards for this quest to something more suitable for the time and effort it takes.
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