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Found 2 results

  1. Hi. Let's get started. Forum: -Ability to delete your own post. (Don't you get tired of requesting mods to delete a double post you made because of lag?) -New background images. (I wish to see more items or characters while scrolling down) -Ability to tag people in posts. Something like if I put @Farbod D it will notify them of being tagged in a post (mentioned) instead of having to quote someone for the notification to apply In-Game: -Make Thor Necklace and Earrings, along with Shard Skins icon bigger! You hardly notice them when they drop because their icons are as small as a scroll/potion material! -Increase Psiken (the mob) drop rate increase. Yes, she has a 1 min spawn time. But in that 1 min it usually takes another 2 mins or so to kill her. People have farmed her for hours only to receive 1 poor-statted weapon. Please increase her drop rate. -Make Psiken weapons be +11'able. This is to balance out the hierarchy for those who can't obtain Chimera or Karen weapons and have a chance to compete with those who do have. -Increase spawn rate of treasure chests across all maps. Not sure if you never noticed but they don't spawn in high level places. -Un-nerf the party exp boost and fix it. You were only getting exp for having 1 person in party. Instead of nerfing it is it possible to make a boost like thing where you get 10 or 25% per person in party? -Add a server wide notification for the Marketplace and Party Matching. Not too many people frequent the marketplace to know there's anything for sale. Not a lot of players check out Party Matching to see if there's anyone requesting anything. Notification for both are something like: Stop by the Marketplace located from the Teleport Gate for anything you wish to purchase! Looking for a party or wish to request something? Post it on Party Matching! -Fix the crit and aim rate on 1H, Mace, and Hammer skins from the Geo, Shard, and Trans sets. They're not set appropriately. (Geo having better aim and crit than Shard and etc) -Increase Hardcore Malephar Treasure chest drop rate and boost HCML jewels. Y do the hardest jewels to get all suck so bad compared to 100 OJ's, Thor jewel set, and 114 Blue jewels? :< -Make Tears of Legel stackable up to 50 like Potions and Buff scrolls. -Increase drop rate for Ghosty. -Change name of Ghosty to Ghosty's Cave (still called cave of memoirs) -FIX THE LUCKY CAPSULES -Fix 100 badges. Make them have atleast 3 stats when drop like you did with 110 Mag gear. -Increase drop rate of licenses and lower the amount of kill needed to gain a % for each license Item Mall: -Remove 20% exp card and add 100% exp card since you decided to remove it for no reason. Set 100% exp card at a higher price than 50% exp card. -Add 7/30 days HP/SP Extenders. -Add 7/30 days Exp cards. (50% and 100%) -Add 30 Days Blue/Red Dragons of Grace Make it cheaper. -Hire someone to make special discount sales they are publicized in-game through system notification and forums -Do a Summer Sale like Steam. ( 50 - 99% off everything pls) -Either lower the price for Tears of Legel or increase the quantity that you purchase. -Add a License Booster. Boost the rate of % that goes up from killing mobs with a weapon that has their license equipped. Thank you for reading.
  2. This new patch full of content was awesome and all but there's a few things that been bothering me. 1. Psiken in Psiken Mansion: She doesn't drop anything at all, nor do the dogs. She's suppose to drop a series of 114 Green weapons called Psikens. In order to tell the difference from a Chimera and Psiken weapon here you go - (these are not from Core Online) 2. Adealia and Adealia Valley: On your friendlist they're the same map labeled Adealia. The mobs don't drop anything besides Quest Items if you have said quest. This should be changed to where they drop normal mats/gear/weapon/scrolls like any other mob. When you take a quest from Adealia, the quest tracker which shows where the mob is located is awfully wrong. It displays the location on the Town Adealia instead of Adealia Valley where the mob is at. 3. Enhancement Bonuses: Since we have the chance to use 114/110 there's one thing I would like to point out. A 114 Weapon/Armor should not have the same enhancement bonus as a 105 weapon/armor. If you look at the above picture about Chimera and Psiken weapons you'll see why. Here you'll see the difference: (Again not pictures from Core Online. Old too cuz no HP and additional damage on SQ Axe) 4. 110 Reaper Skill Killer's Order deals Magical Damage instead of Physical Damage. How ever this also the same with other trickster skills such as Soul Trap and Harsh Blow. 5. 110 Wizard Skill Meteor deals the meteor damage before it actually falls and consumes x4 more SP than usual. 6. Mobs in Psiken Mansion and Psiken Garden don't give drops such as weapon/armor/mats/town scrolls. 7. Can't use town warp scrolls while in Psiken Mansion and Psiken Garden. 8. Lucky House Guide map is glitched with no way out. 9. Adealia Battle Zone Guard is incorrect. If you enter, you go inside the Forest Perimeter of the Alberstol Ruin Battle Zone Guard which contains 100 Abyss. 10. Where is Level Guard 110 and 120? (I assume abyss zones)
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