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Found 19 results

  1. Hiya. Since I can't be on all the time, I figured I make this post. In this post I will be listing things I'm selling. However if there's something not here that you want, please drop a post so I can see if I have it. Currently in stock: Weapons: Secret Lab Weapons. (105 Blue Weapons) Lucky House Weapons. (105 Orange Weapons) Magrite Weapons. (100 and 105 Green Weapons) Armour: 105 Malephar Armour. (105 Light Blue Armour) 110 Magrite Armour. (110 Blue Armour) 110 Abyss Armour. (110 Light Blue Armour) 100 Leviathan Nest Armour. (100 Blue Armour) 105 Secret Lab Armour (105 Blue Armour) Jewels: 100 Orange Jewels (100 Orange Earrings, Rings, and Necklace) (High Statted) 100 Noitome Badges (100 Badges) 110 Thor Jewlery (110 Thor Jewel Set) Skins: Level 1 Geo Skins (13% Damage Skins) Level 100 Shard Skins (15% Damage Skins) Level 100 Trans Skins (16% Damage Skins) Cash Shop: 50% Exp Cards (Cheap! 1 card = 2g) There's probably more that I've missed but this is all right now. Interested in anything? Post what you want and if I have it shoot me an offer! Need to contact me quickly? Add me on Skype! Username: zephryum Thanks for reading.~
  2. I remember being promised a new Devildom instance with Level 1 auras. If that ever comes out, will it still be from Devildom Territory? If it does, my suggestions for said auras will be: +25 stat limit Half or 3-4% of the current stat bonus for each aura. --------------------- As we all know, the only place to get a badge is from Noitome and those are Level 100 that are paired with the LN set. My suggestion for a low level badge is to be obtained from Devildom Barracks, a level 50-60 instance. Pretty sure it can't be 100% replicated on here but from what I've seen: Private servers: Boss - Salare look-a-like. Drops: Weapon Skin or something else Official: Mini-Bosses - Lightning Citrie and Fire Citrie. Drops: Level 55 blues and Level 55 Gabriel Jewels? (I forget) What I want to suggest/see: Boss - Salare look-a-like Drops: Level 60 OJ (low chance). Level 60 and 50 Badge. Transparent Weapon Skin (low chance) Mini-Bosses - Lightning Citrie and Fire Citrie Drops for Lightning Citrie: Level 55 Blue Armor piece. Level 60 badge (low chance). Transparent Outfit Piece (low chance) Drops for Fire Cittrie: Level 55 Blue Armor piece. Level 50 badge (low chance). Transparent Outfit Piece (low chance). Max stat for Badges: +30.
  3. Zephry

    Lucky Capsules

    Hi. These are my suggestions for the content in Lucky Capsules. -Should remove T4 HP & SP Potionss -Should remove T5 HP Regeneration Potions -Should remove T4 Strength Purple Potion -Should add HP Soul Stone Carrier II -Should make Hunter War Rants (1 hour) that come from this tradeable and storagable
  4. Hi. Let's get started. Forum: -Ability to delete your own post. (Don't you get tired of requesting mods to delete a double post you made because of lag?) -New background images. (I wish to see more items or characters while scrolling down) -Ability to tag people in posts. Something like if I put @Farbod D it will notify them of being tagged in a post (mentioned) instead of having to quote someone for the notification to apply In-Game: -Make Thor Necklace and Earrings, along with Shard Skins icon bigger! You hardly notice them when they drop because their icons are as small as a scroll/potion material! -Increase Psiken (the mob) drop rate increase. Yes, she has a 1 min spawn time. But in that 1 min it usually takes another 2 mins or so to kill her. People have farmed her for hours only to receive 1 poor-statted weapon. Please increase her drop rate. -Make Psiken weapons be +11'able. This is to balance out the hierarchy for those who can't obtain Chimera or Karen weapons and have a chance to compete with those who do have. -Increase spawn rate of treasure chests across all maps. Not sure if you never noticed but they don't spawn in high level places. -Un-nerf the party exp boost and fix it. You were only getting exp for having 1 person in party. Instead of nerfing it is it possible to make a boost like thing where you get 10 or 25% per person in party? -Add a server wide notification for the Marketplace and Party Matching. Not too many people frequent the marketplace to know there's anything for sale. Not a lot of players check out Party Matching to see if there's anyone requesting anything. Notification for both are something like: Stop by the Marketplace located from the Teleport Gate for anything you wish to purchase! Looking for a party or wish to request something? Post it on Party Matching! -Fix the crit and aim rate on 1H, Mace, and Hammer skins from the Geo, Shard, and Trans sets. They're not set appropriately. (Geo having better aim and crit than Shard and etc) -Increase Hardcore Malephar Treasure chest drop rate and boost HCML jewels. Y do the hardest jewels to get all suck so bad compared to 100 OJ's, Thor jewel set, and 114 Blue jewels? :< -Make Tears of Legel stackable up to 50 like Potions and Buff scrolls. -Increase drop rate for Ghosty. -Change name of Ghosty to Ghosty's Cave (still called cave of memoirs) -FIX THE LUCKY CAPSULES -Fix 100 badges. Make them have atleast 3 stats when drop like you did with 110 Mag gear. -Increase drop rate of licenses and lower the amount of kill needed to gain a % for each license Item Mall: -Remove 20% exp card and add 100% exp card since you decided to remove it for no reason. Set 100% exp card at a higher price than 50% exp card. -Add 7/30 days HP/SP Extenders. -Add 7/30 days Exp cards. (50% and 100%) -Add 30 Days Blue/Red Dragons of Grace Make it cheaper. -Hire someone to make special discount sales they are publicized in-game through system notification and forums -Do a Summer Sale like Steam. ( 50 - 99% off everything pls) -Either lower the price for Tears of Legel or increase the quantity that you purchase. -Add a License Booster. Boost the rate of % that goes up from killing mobs with a weapon that has their license equipped. Thank you for reading.
  5. Hi. Please fix Geo's Skin drop size. They're very small. Please add 45 blues to both Citires drop list. (Think they're called Ice and Storm) Please make the mobs inside DoT'able and Stunned. Please add a Geo Shield Skin. qq
  6. Zephry

    Missing Maps

    I would like to report that a few instances are missing their maps. The one you see in the mini-map. Devildom Mine Fortress of Shadow KQ Death Knight's Lair Ghosty's Cave
  7. I was one of those person that saw Core being announced in development (never got into the closed beta, but was really hyped). A good friend was spoiling bits of info every now and then as they made it in, and I was really surprised they had working Mouth pieces (Shadow Fox Mask, Scarfs) which I have never seen in another private server before. The game was really well off during open beta and became hugely popular during official release and I do not regret taking part in playing in such an exclusive server.
  8. For me, it's Abyss. Especially 6x Abyss.
  9. What was something you wanted to farm, and it was straight up impossible sometimes? For me, it would have to be Baby Phouches as a mage in 105 ML's. This was before 11x abyss. I farmed for 114 drops but they hit me for so damn hard sometimes and were always a hassle to aggro all together.
  10. Wow. It's been 2 years since this site first opened up on August 8th 2013. This server has come a long way. From Closed Beta Testing, to Open Beta Testing, then Official release. It has had it's up and down. Tons of drama and rivarly. Including great memories. From a player perspective I was always fond of the events, the community, and the content. Of course the content wasn't always on-point, but it was enjoyable. As a private server, this is one of the more professional ones that I've seen. There isn't too much shady stuff going on. Everything is an open book if you're an active player. You can see how and where things are going. I like to thank my homies from Deviant for keeping it cool and locked down for these last 2 years. Love you guys. I like to give a shoutout to Majestic, Rapture/Unlimited, Heretics, Ebola and all you guilds that kept up with raids and PvE/PvP. Server couldn't have been packed if it wasn't for ya. Shoutout to the staff: Luna. Our fashionista and amazing Event host. Your outfits are and will always be amazing. May life bless your road. Mucski for being the biggest noob staff member on Fiesta, not even knowing how to house. xD Spader, for being a cool guy and showing off his Meteor skill when it was still 105 cap. qq Freddy, for working on those 110 Skills and giving a temporary fix for Binding Blow. Anyone who was part of the team that I left out. And our main man: Amor. This dude has performed wonders. Sure, when he updates, it's slow. But this man delivers when he does. And I know the next content update is going to be sick. He's lazy, very lazy. But don't let that fool you. When it comes to developing, this is your guy. Kudos to him for having to deal with our crap and requests for these last 2 years. And the rest of the staff. If you have anything to add on or say, please do so.
  11. What do you do when you log on Core Online? Anything particular you have noticed or discovered? This is a topic where anyone is allowed to post random things about the game. Example: When I logged in the other day I found it surprising there was still people playing, and raiding on top of that! (nothing rude, I just haven't logged on in a bit)
  12. As the title of thread is called, I want to suggest a every week, Friday through Sunday, Weekend EXP & Drop Rate boost. Why? This encourages players to get on every weekend, the time where (presumably) a lot players have time off from school or work to make up for what they missed out on during the weekdays. The EXP and Drop Rate boost could be boosted up to an appropriate rate. Example: 50% EXP Boost and 50% Drop Rate Boost. A person leveling can stack a 50% EXP Card with the server's EXP boost. A person farming can stack a 50% Hunter War Rant with the server's Drop Rate Boost. Time to set up the server boosts? 12PM EST. More to addon? I seen a lot of games do this as the weekend is really the time where a lot of the playerbase get on. Thanks for reading.~
  13. Hi. My suggestion (that I believe has been addressed already) is to add HP/SP to 110 Abyss blue. These are Odin file'd blues obtained from 110 abyss that do not have set effects. PvP Reaper - Titan Warlock - Hectic SharpShooter - Aero Holy Knight - Vrax Gladiator - Premsy PvE Spectre - Tragic Wizard - Maxious Ranger - Lesk Guardian - Droster Knight - Tresta
  14. Hi. The Tier 14 & Tier 15 Ingenuity Passive for Tricksters decreased all of my stats (from what I noticed) when it is suppose to raise it. (My def before upgrading the passive was 5009, after upgrading it went down to 4751) The buff you get "Power of love" after getting married does not give you 5% to all stats and raises your stats only when you're in a party. (In party it's suppose to be 10% when with spouse. Without a party 5%)
  15. Hi. I would like to complain I never got the reward for this event: Link to Event
  16. Resilence: Reduces damage taken by all DoTs -The buff icon is not displaying right away. -Instead of reducing damage taken by all DoTs, how about reducing damage taken by either Physical and Magic based on a percentage. (Example: T1 - 5%, T2 - 10%, T3 - 15%, T4, -20%) -There's already two trickster skills that reduce poison and blood DoT damage. Diminish: Decreases effect time to curses by 25 seconds. (I will never understand how this skill works. It's practically pointless.) -The buff icon is not displaying right away. -Instead of decreasing effect time to curses by 25 seconds how about: 1.Increasing damage and defense by a set percent (increasing by each tier) for 25 seconds 2.Increasing resist rate to curses, and other status effect (Stuns, Frozen, Fear mainly) 3.Lowers duration (by each tier by 1 second) towards status effects. (Stuns, Frozen, Fear mainly) Nimble Defense: Increases eva when hit by AOE. (This skill I noticed has never worked properly for me since AOE's have a 100% chance to land, besides their initial attack) -Instead of increasing eva when hit by AOE, can this be changed towards giving you a flat line DEX bonus like the Archer skills, or a flat line eva bonus by each tier? (The skill lasts till T9) (Example: T1 - 25 Eva, T2 - 50 eva, T3 - 75 eva, T4, 100 eva and etc. At the T9 skill you'll have an extra 225 eva total) --------------------------------------------- 114 and 120 weapons still sell for crap. 114 Claws/Dual Swords sells for 80s, like a 105 weapon. It should be similar to the others, ranging from 226s to 262s. 120 Dual Swords and Claws are still broken, and sells for 1s 200c. Should be 120s like the others. ---------------------------------------------- Reaper 110 set skill effects should be changed. (original) 2 set effects: reduces sp consumption rate of lacerate skill 3 set effect: increases attack rate of claw lunge skill 4 set effects: reduces cooldown time of master scheme skill (suggestion) 2 set effects: reduces sp consumption rate of lacerate skill 3 set effect: increases attack rate of razor claw skill 4 set effects: reduces cooldown time of master scheme skill Spectre 110 set skill effects should be changed. (original) 2 set effects: increase attack rate of force slash skill 3 set effects: reduces SP consumption rate of soul slash skill 4 set effects: increase attack rate of lethal assault skill (suggestion) 2 set effects: reduces cooldown of force slash skill 3 set effects: reduces SP consumption rate of soul slash skill 4 set effects: increase attack rate of lethal assault skill
  17. This new patch full of content was awesome and all but there's a few things that been bothering me. 1. Psiken in Psiken Mansion: She doesn't drop anything at all, nor do the dogs. She's suppose to drop a series of 114 Green weapons called Psikens. In order to tell the difference from a Chimera and Psiken weapon here you go - (these are not from Core Online) 2. Adealia and Adealia Valley: On your friendlist they're the same map labeled Adealia. The mobs don't drop anything besides Quest Items if you have said quest. This should be changed to where they drop normal mats/gear/weapon/scrolls like any other mob. When you take a quest from Adealia, the quest tracker which shows where the mob is located is awfully wrong. It displays the location on the Town Adealia instead of Adealia Valley where the mob is at. 3. Enhancement Bonuses: Since we have the chance to use 114/110 there's one thing I would like to point out. A 114 Weapon/Armor should not have the same enhancement bonus as a 105 weapon/armor. If you look at the above picture about Chimera and Psiken weapons you'll see why. Here you'll see the difference: (Again not pictures from Core Online. Old too cuz no HP and additional damage on SQ Axe) 4. 110 Reaper Skill Killer's Order deals Magical Damage instead of Physical Damage. How ever this also the same with other trickster skills such as Soul Trap and Harsh Blow. 5. 110 Wizard Skill Meteor deals the meteor damage before it actually falls and consumes x4 more SP than usual. 6. Mobs in Psiken Mansion and Psiken Garden don't give drops such as weapon/armor/mats/town scrolls. 7. Can't use town warp scrolls while in Psiken Mansion and Psiken Garden. 8. Lucky House Guide map is glitched with no way out. 9. Adealia Battle Zone Guard is incorrect. If you enter, you go inside the Forest Perimeter of the Alberstol Ruin Battle Zone Guard which contains 100 Abyss. 10. Where is Level Guard 110 and 120? (I assume abyss zones)
  18. As you all know, our population is slowly dimming down back to how it was before the 'The Rise of Karen!' hype. This is merely a suggestion but a way players join servers is either through advertisement or fan sites (like Top of Game). And no, I'm not suggesting forced voting on the launcher as that is improper business ethics (or something like that). My suggestions is to get back our base population: Vote for Coins: I've seen this on other games and servers where a player logins into their account and once on it they can go to a voting section and vote from Top of Game, GTop100 and etc. I believe the same can be done here. With a medium of 100 coins every 12 hours? Voting Events: Like on Official Fiesta, they have these events where if they hit a milestone on their Facebook likes (for example 100,000) they hold a weekend or weekly exp/drop rate boost. I believe this can be implemented with how many votes we got on Top of Games or GTop100. (I remember when we had a drop rate boost back when the server launched after OBT) More Video Events: We had video events before to advertise the game (Core Online) I don't think the prize has to be grand or big, but more of these events should be done to promote server awareness throughout Youtube and other media sites. Thank you for reading. : )
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