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  1. NO MORE ADMINS I have played core back in 2014 and it was an amazing experience and probably the best private server I have played to date. I met amazing people and had the opportunity to take part in the "Glory Days" of the server. But, it is apparent that the once proud and amazing server has seen betters days. As of right now I am the only one logged into the server, walking around wondering why I am the only one taking part in a one and a life time fiesta experience. I believe, from personal experience, that the admins and people in charge no longer take the same pride in maintaining the server that they one had. I believe with the major decline in players and activity that it has possibly decreased moral and motivation to take care of the server and let it ultimately end. I DO NO WANT THIS SERVER TO DIE. This server held many friends I have not forgotten and I held a small amount of hope that they would still be active, they were not. But, I have met wonderful people that remind me of the times I had when this server was popular. I want people to take part in one of the only private servers that offers a non P2W experience, without sacrificing the feel of progression that many servers fail to offer. This server can thrive and has the opportunity, it just need the direction. I do not have direct contact with admins and DEVS so I would love to be proved wrong about anything I have said that may seem insulting. I want this server to be popular, I want the DEVS and admins to be active, I want the community that I once had, and I would love take part in revival of a great server. Thank you for reading this and have a wonderful rest of your day <3
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