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  1. Halphin

    Nimble Defense Bug

    the skill is fixed. i even tested if it would freeze up again and it works. thanks.
  2. Halphin

    Nimble Defense Bug

    the bug hasnt been fixed for me. at the time, i was in the level 20 abyss dungeon or in luminous stone i believe and i just activated the skill and after i activated it, it just froze at that current spot for the rest of the time. thats all i can recall. sorry if it doesnt help much.
  3. Halphin

    Nimble Defense Bug

    yes i have. its just stuck like that for me. im not sure if it had something to do with mt doing something without noticing it. but for me. its just stuck like that. still is. i cant use the skill at all. it just tells me the skill is still on cool down.
  4. Halphin

    Nimble Defense Bug

    Bug type : Game Character Name: Halphin Description: when i used Nimble Defense for the 1st time on the game, the cool down is stuck at a point and has been stuck for a full day and counting. i even tried adding cool down reducing but its just stuck there. ive even tried relogging.
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