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Found 1 result

  1. Luna

    Ticket System

    Hello players, I'm happy to announce that the new Ticket system on our community forum is up and running. This new ticket system is not a replacement for the Bug Reports and Troubleshooting forums. These forums should be your first stop when you're seeking to report a bug or are having technical issues with the website or game. You're more likely to get a quicker response (and a greater number of them, at that). Please only make a ticket if you've attempted to make a thread in the aforementioned two forums and have not received a satisfying solution to your issue, your issue can only be helped by an administrator, or if your issue contains sensitive information (player reports, billing support). Below you will find a breakdown of all the departments you can submit your ticket to. Selecting the correct department will ensure that your ticket is answered more quickly and accurately: Player Reports: Use this department to report any player who you believe is violating the Terms of Service. Bug Reports: Only file your ticket under this department if the bug has not already been posted in the Bug Reports forum and posting it in that forum would potentially result in bug abuse. Technical Support: Please see the Troubleshooting forum before filing your ticket under this department. If your issue is urgent and cannot be solved by the community, then use the ticket system. Billing Support: Any issue with purchasing Coins or forum subscriptions should be filed under this department. General Support: Any issue that does not fit in to the above departments but requires the attention of staff. We hope you find this system useful. As always, we welcome feedback on any new feature so please don't hesitate to leave feedback in the Feedback forum on how the system can be improved. All the best, Core Fiesta Staff
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