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I understand that there are many players creating videos of Core Fiesta. I want to reward those players and encourage more players to create videos, so instead of holding a video contest asking players to create videos for us, I want to make a sort of continuous video event.



To submit a video all you have to do is make a video or upload one to YouTube if it's already not and make sure that the title contains our name (Core Fiesta). Post the link to the YouTube video here, and give us permission to upload the video to our YouTube channel.



If you submit your video, it will be reviewed based on quality, content included, how unique it is and then you will be rewarded with item mall coins, the chance to go onto our official YouTube page. Facebook page and onto the Media page on the main website.



This event doesn't mean that you have to create videos in a certain time limit. I like to be able to see how Core Fiesta progresses and everyone having fun, it's great nostalgia watching old videos. We hope to stay online for the next years to come, so being able to go back to these videos is always nice.


There is people who are making videos about Core Fiesta regardless of events, just PVP videos or funny videos or guides and so forth. So this is a way to encourage those and other players to make more and reward those players for making the videos so others follow suite.


In addition it helps us to generate advertisement which will help bring in new players and create an environment which will be more fun to play in.

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