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Formerly Rhapsody from Open Beta, Deviant is a guild that has been around from the very beginning to present times. Our purpose remains the same as always, to be the best we can be as an individual and more importantly as a guild.


While our goals are typical of a competitive guild, the one that stands out the most is to enjoy the game within our own stronghold and outside of it with the rest of the community.


Guild admission is currently 60+, requirements are subject to change as the guild feels necessary, should this happen we will keep this thread updated to reflect on.






Attendance is key per usual, but think of it as more than just to earn your stripes. We're all one big family and having someone to talk to while playing just makes it that much better.


Communication is important on both ends. If you need help with anything within reason, please do not hesitate to ask. It's what we're all here for. The master and admins will also practice keeping everyone informed on anything going on.


R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Not just yourself and your fellow guild members, but the rest of the community as well. Wearing the Deviant guild tag is more than just a name for yourself, you're a name for us. While it's understandable that we're not all saints, think before acting. You represent all of us and it only takes one person or one incident to spread negativity where it shouldn't exist.


Any concerns regarding items in game should be inquired by any admin of the guild. Understand that the more people there are, the more work that has to be done in order to fulfill everyone's desire to be geared.




While Deviant believes a strong guild makes things happen, that doesn't mean we've forgotten where it all begins. We hope you consider our academy when starting out on your new adventures. We will strive to make being in Deviant's academy a positive experience for everyone.


The door is always open for questions or advice on things. The academy will be refreshed as needed to allow everyone a chance to be a part of the fun. If you're removed due to being inactive/online, remember that you are always welcomed back any time.


Thank you for inquiring and we hope to see you in game.

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wat is this? wot happened to rhapsody? did it shut down? is it because im not good enouf? why dont u love me?

No no don't get the wrong idea. Ghost Senpai. D; Since Rhapsody wasn't really "my" guild to begin with. We made a new one with the help of the admins and myself. <3

Need a fail knight?

You calling me out? D: Edited by Advent

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