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You may have noticed there has not been many updates recently. At the moment we are working on a big project for Core. It will be a revolution if it is finished, our hopes and expectations are high for this project. Because the project is so time consuming, I have not been able to make many updates as I had hoped to do so. Though I will try my best to make time to make even small updates if not large.


I'm not sure when we can reveal the project to you guys, but I can ensure you that it will be a massive game changer. We want to work on it and bring it up to a playable state before we release any further information.


With Luna recently leaving more of the work will be put on me to make events as well as working on the project and making updates, but with it only being 1 or 2 people occasionally it is difficult to do everything. We are working hard on bringing you guys the best we can, so your patience and continued support is much appreciated.


We have not given up and we will not give up. Core will continue to shine in its glory for the upcoming future.


Let me know if there is any bugs or issues that need to be addressed immediately and I will try to include them in the next update, whenever I have time to make it.

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