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Found 2 results

  1. Zephry

    End-Game Content

    Large list of stuff that should be implemented: More areas to farm 110 armor Like Adealia Valley is a big map, maybe introduce more Eglack and Salere and make the drop rate 100% since they spawn every 30 mins? Make an instance to farm 110 gear. Something reasonable, like Burning Adealia or a remake of a certain dungeon already in the game. Nightmare Queen weapons I don't know what Karen Danish is. If you're gonna put these Nightmare Queen's in I hope it's from an instance. People complain that because of a certain guild already controlling the main raiding boss for 114 weapons (Chimera) that they can't catch up to them with just Psiken weapons. Of course Chimera's should still remain the strongest till Karen is killable for Succubus Queen weapons. Thorn Cave The mobs evasion are still too high. Make it reasonable enough so people with atleast 1.8k aim can hit the boss 9 out of 10 times. The mini-boss Incubus Agole debuff is 2stronk. It's as if we are fighting Helga. His debuff removes 10k mdef and he hits with mdmg. None of us can tank it unless it's kept perma stunned/frozen and with our aim, and his resist rate...yeaaaah it's not happening. Jewels I don't know about anyone else but I feel like Malephar 110 Jewels should be the very best in game right now, considering how rare and hard they're to get. Getting a 100 OJ is much easier and they can be better. Magrite Please remove 95 jewels from her drop rate, along with 95 armor if it's there. Rename certain dungeons Your special made dungeons like Hideout and Cave of memories should be renamed to something more relevant. I don't know something like Magistrate Shard Room? Ghosty's Cave? Ghosty's Sanctuary? Skills Lightning Chain shouldn't need to be set down like an aoe and affect everything in the vicinity from just a single target (Let's say something like Ice Field or Electronic Shock). Instead of an AOE fear how about something like a 3 second stun or paralyzing? (lol I doubt it'll happen) It's not very support-friendly when playing with others and suddenly they have to run for the mob they were attack. Should add more tiers to Mock, Knight only after 100+. Should increase how much aggro you generate from Fatal Shout. Killer's Order does as much damage as Claw Lunge at 7 soul. Instead of it doing that amount of damage, how about making it where with each soul gathered, you do more damage. 1 soul = 5 or 10% of HP, 2 soul = 10 or 15% of HP. Misc One Hands sold in the NPC still give 10% damage and etc. How about when changing it to 5 or 7.5%, making the statless shields give 5% def and mdef too? Make boss type monsters (chief, world boss, elite, etc) have a small chance to be affected by DoT debuffs. Malephar Mount from quest still not perm. I activated it and it's still 30 days. :<
  2. And even tho i didn't find the Onyx Crown, i wanted my money back. QQ
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