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    Drea got a reaction from Sync in Bet PVP.   
    Why do you get 15% of the winnings? lol
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    Drea got a reaction from FitzChevalerie in Perm Guild   
    Kind of a dumb name :c
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    Drea got a reaction from MyUserName in i want Natures Protecction to lose full Agro   
    And Havok. I doubt that was their intentions to keep people from DD'ing.
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    Drea reacted to FitzChevalerie in ..   
    -Remove Archers
    -REmove Tricksters
    -Put Support charms in Store.
    -Call it Glad Online
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    Drea reacted to Whirra in Ai   
    Hai, I'm Whirra.
    I like meth and cute things. I have way too much free time on my hands so I guess, why not play? Chances are you'll find me in game AFK about 70% of the time. I tend to procrastinate a lot :c.
    But ja.
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