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    Patch Log #042 - 24 Jun 2015

    They're perm mounts with 285 speed if I'm not mistaken.
  2. DoughyCookie

    Patch Log #042 - 24 Jun 2015

    Ummm my event suit (Blue denim shorts, etc..) from the snowflake event still isn't tradable.
  3. DoughyCookie

    List of suggestions: Game, Forums, Item Mall

    For the Ghosty suggestion, I believe it has been said the current rate is where it is because he has a chance of dropping 2 vaults (not sure but I think I remember this being said). Well, after doing about 15 runs of Ghosty myself I have yet to see ghosty drop 2 vaults, and the rate at which I get something from the vault is about 2/5 of the runs, with the other 3/5 being the Silver Coin. It should just give a 100% chance of 1 drop, none of this 'slight chance of 2 drops' stuff (assuming this is even there, like I said can't remember if this is true or not). Ghosty drops both skins and costumes/accessories so even with a 100% rate, it will be fairly time consuming to get what is wanted by those farming it, but at least it will be consistent and not left up to RNG if you even get a drop. For Badge/Noit suggestion, yes pl1z. Said this in another post (50_Calibers June Suggestion thread) the constant low, single statted badges is depressing. Larger icons for Thors/Skins (and vaults from ghosty) please.. It's annoying searching for them through the dusts and stuff. Random sales or limited time items or w/e in item mall sounds cool too. HC ML Jewels... Yeah. Incredibly rare, and for the most part, fairly underwhelming. You have to get pretty lucky on the stats for them to be worth wearing, and you get one... 2/5 raids? Maybe instead of HC ML dropping a wep and an armor piece, he can drop a Jewel and a wep. There's already 4 mobs (pirra/eury hc pirra/eury) that drop the ML armors, won't be missed much on ML. They should also have same stat-cap as Thors (80 I think?). Licenses - Core offers higher drop rates/exp rates so that grinding isn't nearly as exhausting as it is on retail. I hope to see this carry over to licenses, and make them easier to 1) Obtain and 2) level up. They're incredibly demanding in both those aspects with their low drop rates and how slowly they climb to that 80% damage, not saying make it climb a rank with each kill but should get a multiplier to its rate just like exp/drop rates got. Party exp boost system - Would be cool if this was changed around a little, so you aren't penalized for partying with people. With the way it's currently set up people just solo, and party with someone who isn't in the area to activate the boost (but this person doesn't partake in the leveling/grinding whatsoever). Maybe you could make it so exp isn't split between people and each person gets 100% of the exp. As of right now (or how I understand this to work) if 2 people kill a mob and are in a party, the exp boost applies to that mobs experience and then is divided between the two people. But if you kill a mob solo in a party, and the member isn't in exp range, you get the boosted exp and it isn't split. Maybe a better way to encourage people to party up and work together is to make it so exp isn't split, and both members receive the full exp. So say the boost is 20%, if 2 people killed something they would both get 120% of that mobs exp. And as zeph said, maybe make it scaling. 1 person - 100% exp, 2 people - 110% exp to each, .... 5 people - 150% exp to everyone (So a mob that normally gives 100 exp to someone of the same level killing it solo would give 150 exp to each of the 5 same leveled people in that party). Would make people more likely to party up with others when leveling rather than hogging a spot to themselves for maximum exp.
  4. DoughyCookie

    June 2015 Core suggession!

    I've mentioned this in a previous post, but Noit is currently in a horrid place. For the past week or so we've done, or at least I estimate this, minimum 10 runs of Noit a day. That's about 70 badges we've farmed the past week. To my knowledge, 2 of those badges have been good. Meaning 2 stats above 30. (not including int for non-mages, or str for mages) They have a cap stat of 70, yet out of the 70~ badges we farmed I've seen 4-5 with a stat that was over 40. Also, almost every badge is single statted. I'd say 60% are single statted, 39% have 2 stats, and then 1% have 3 or more. In my other post, you said that noit (and badge farming) will remain as it is. Well, maybe instead of changing how badges are farmed we can just change the badges themselves. Essentially what I'm asking is for badges to recieve the treatment that 110 drops got. Minimum 2 statted (this alone would help a lot), and make it more likely for them to drop with 3 or more stats, and for those stats to be above 30. I think 110 farming is in a great place currently, when before it was in the same boat as badges. I think it'd be a great change for badges to get the same exact changes as 110s recieved. I know this kind-of sidetracked from the original suggestion of HC Lab with higher level badges (which I think would be awesome to see, I'm always down for new content which involves farming) but I think it's really important that badge farming sees some type of change soon, whether its a new badge/way to farm them, or just giving them the 110 armor changes.
  5. DoughyCookie

    Patch Log #041 - 16 Jun 2015

    -looks for tradable event suits- -cries-
  6. DoughyCookie

    Event Rewards

    As far as I know the only untradable event prizes have been the Core Event Costumes from the snowflake exchange. Some other items that may not be tradable are the Scarf from that same event, or the costumes that drop from the phino vault. Also, they're may be event prizes from before my time that aren't tradable, not sure. The only one I can confirm is the 3 piece costume from the snowflake exchange.
  7. DoughyCookie

    Downgrade rate.

    No, that's not what we're asking. We want the rate of Successes and Failures to stay the same; it's in a good spot. We want the probability that an item will downgrade when a failure occurs, to increase. For those unaware of how enhancing works in Fiesta, when you enhance an item 1 of 2 things happen; a Success or a Failure. A success leads to the item's enhancement going up by 1, or very rarely, by 2. A failure leads to multiple things: Nothing, breaking the item (prevented by red safes), and downgrading the item, meaning the enhancement value goes down by 1 (prevented by blue safes). What we're asking is that when a blue isn't in use, and a failure occurs, that the item is more likely to downgrade. NOT that the overall rate of failures is increased.
  8. DoughyCookie

    Downgrade rate.

    This only makes it harder if you choose to not use the Blue safe stone & want your item to upgrade. When people talk about making it easier, they're generally talking about how often the enhancement succeeds and want this simply because of how expensive t5 safes are. But, with the addition of the 110 abyss, I think t5 safe prices are now in a good spot, and enhancing t5 is not nearly as painful as it once was. I don't have much experience with trying to downgrade jewels, on the few times I did try I managed to succeed most of the time... But I do think the % chance for a downgrade should be fairly large for when an item fails and no Blue safe was used.
  9. DoughyCookie

    Event Rewards

    Basically, the point of this thread is a request to make all event rewards follow this, as this makes sense. If you win an event you should be free to do what you want with the rewards, until you use them and they become bound similar to all other CS items. The main purpose here is to make the Snowflake Event Costumes tradeable until they are used, as currently they cannot be traded. I believe everything else in this event (except maybe the scarf) was tradable as well, and only the Karen wings remained tradable after use. Personally, it doesn't make sense to restrict the people who invested time into the event to farm these costumes by permanently binding those costumes onto a specific character. If they spent the time & effort doing the event, they should be able to use the reward on whichever character they choose (or even give it to a friend as a gift, or sell it since maybe they don't need/want the costume but are in need of money. I don't see how these would hurt core in anyway). In my case, I was pretty restricted in what class(es) I played during the time of the event due to the low population, and in order to efficiently play the game everyone in my guild had their 'role' that they played. With this growing population (which is exciting!) I'm no longer needed in that role and was free to choose whichever class I'd like, problem is my supply of event suits has been left on a character that is hardly being used for anything anymore. And I'd really appreciate if I had a way to move these suits over and make use of the reward that I spent a good amount of my time in working for.
  10. DoughyCookie


    Sorry to hear you dislike instances, but instances (That are well-done, meaning NOT NOIT...) are generally a fun experience for a player. For instance I think farming Lab is more enjoyable (and felt more rewarding) then just killing Eglack and Salare for gears. I like knowing that my hard work will be rewarded (Instances are generally a 100% drop) rather then dealing with something that has a chance at dropping what I want. But this doesn't mean I want a re-done noit type boss that drops something new, just going into an 'instance' and killing some super-tank boss doesn't require skill. You're just sitting there dmging it for nine years. On to the topic of these specific instances, currently the one the playerbase would get the most use of is DDF probably. There's already 3 bosses that drop 110 sets, and an alternative 110 set from the 11x abyss. No one's really asking for another place to farm those. (both sets have problems that should be looked into though!) And the amount of perms right now is fairly low, as far as I'm aware. Not saying they don't deserve these dungeons, but DDF is most likely the most wanted one. I have one problem with DDF though, I don't really see the need for a 115 armor set. A 110+10 armor set seems to be dealing fairly well with all the content currently available, and I feel a 115 set might just make players really really strong in a PvE sense (I know next to nothing about PvP so can't comment on this). Just a balance issue here that might not even exist, just my opinion from using 110 sets and having done all the high leveled content available.
  11. DoughyCookie


    New weps: I agree on this, at 105 there is HC ML > ML > Lab > Magrite while at 114 there is Karen (Similar to HC ML) > UT (Similar to ML) > Psiken (Similar to Magrite). This is missing a weapon similar to Lab, I didn't play retail to this point so I'm not sure what that is there (assuming they have one) but I guess it's 1 of the 2 weapons Fitz mentioned, tho I'm not sure how those compare to eachother and the weapons we already have. Tbh I like having 2 raids for 114 weapons, similar to 2 raids for 105 weapons. Chimera is easily done daily, while Karen requires a lot of effort. Similarly, back before we got stronger from new gear and stuff from cap raise, ML was easily done daily while HC ML required a lot of effort and was sometimes skipped. It gives us something to do, and really separates people who are decently geared from people who are decent at the game. Anyone can slap on some decent gears and do ML or Chim, but for HC ML (tho not so much anymore since 110/114 gear makes this much easier) and Karen you need to know what you're doing. I enjoy this aspect of the game. SQ's have the correct attack rate. So far the drops have had the same attack rate as a green weapon of the same class, while UTs still have a faster rate. (Unless I completely misread the attack speed on either the SQ or Chim weapons, which is a possibility). For the armor I agree, I think an instance or something to get armors (and jewels! they are currently so boring/hard to farm) would be nice. I know Eglack/Salare were added in as a... substitute for an instance, but to be straight forward they suck. As far as I know, no one bothers to farm them. They demand multiple people to be charmed and ranted for a slight chance at being rewarded. I'd rather it be turned into an instance where the same amount of people could go in, beat it, and be guaranteed a drop or 2. People just farm Magrite because it's a similar drop rate, Magrite respawns faster, there's 4 magrites, and you can solo her without it taking too long. The negative of this is Magrites drop rate for Thor Jewels is incredibly low, and even though people want them, they still aren't willing to go and farm Eglack/Salare. I guess the abyss part is a valid point, but at the same time I don't see that as a problem... As of right now at least.
  12. DoughyCookie

    Villainous Moustache

    Also it makes your aura not appear, or at least the auras from Focalor didn't try the 100 one from NPC.
  13. DoughyCookie

    Thor Jewels

    I'd really like to see some % on them, because they're just getting outclassed by other jewels at the moment. Even though they have the highest potential for base stats, in most cases the m.dmg/m.def on OJs and the occasional ML rings cause them to be much more desired than Thors. I think 3% would be great. It would give them that extra push to be good jewels for a capped person, while at the same time don't give as much as OJs/MLs but have higher stats. So it depends on the players situation.
  14. DoughyCookie

    A Few Suggestions...

    I disagree here. I think costumes should be DMG, DEF, or Crit. Not all just one. If it were all one, I'm assuming that stat would probably be Crit, and that would raise 2 problems. 1) Clerics & Knights (For the most part) gain nothing from crit (or dmg) suits, as they are focused on surviving. 2) If you reach/go over the max crit rate, any additional crit essentially becomes a wasted stat.. but you have nothing else to switch it to. Same goes for the other 2 (DMG & DEF), limiting all the costumes to just 1 stat would be a hidden nerf to certain classes. There's the occasional aim/evasion bonuses on costumes, but I have no opinions on those. personally I think they're useless but they might be good for PvP or something. Going off of Shiver's suggestion of making Red Sensei a dmg suit as we have very few of these, I feel that's the proper solution: More variety. Def/DMG suits/accessories are severely lacking compared to Crit suits/accessories. There isn't even a def scarf as Magier mentioned. I just think there should be more options. This may be a little excessive, but suits could just be 'repeated' as all 3 of those stats (meaning red sensei could be bought as a dmg, def, or crit suit) so people could wear whatever they want and not worry if it's boosting the correct stat or not, as they'd be able to buy the version of it they needed. Obviously there's a lot of suits/accessories available, so maybe an easier thing to do would be to just do this for the more popular ones or something.
  15. DoughyCookie

    A Few Suggestions...

    One more thing that Core is missing is a Pink Aura. This is critical to the level of satisfaction I get from the game, I need to glow pink. Thank you.
  16. DoughyCookie

    [EVENT] Design a Shirt

    How do I dislike a post?? Someone help.
  17. DoughyCookie

    Karen's Drop Rate

    I believe it was said that her drop rate is currently 20% or 25% (can't remember, may be completely wrong). Personally I think her rate should be minimum 40% (60% with a rant). There's not really another 'established' guild at this time other than Deviant, so it's not a surprise we have an overwhelming presence in both the forums & in-game. This doesn't mean that changes made to the game should be geared towards us though, as this would not allow other guilds to establish themselves as easily. Completely disagree with a guild instance for Karen. The best gear should come from raids, and they should remain raids. But yeah, this raid requires a lot of effort and a good amount of people that are working together. It's by far harder than any other raid currently available, and deserves to be a little more rewarding then it currently is. Maybe 100% is asking for too much. But the current rate is surely too little.
  18. DoughyCookie

    110 Set Effects

    This thread will be for suggestions regarding the 110 set effects. Feel free to suggest changes for any class, as it'd be nice to get everyone's opinion. Won't be including tricksters as they've already been changed. Edit 5/30: Added in Holy Knight, Warlock, and a 2nd Wizard suggestion. Changed Guardian and 1st Wizard suggestion. Sharpshooter - Current 2 Pieces: Increased attack rate of Power Shot. 3 Pieces: Reduced SP consumption of Piercing Shot 4 Pieces: Increases the effect duration of Piercing Shot Sharpshooter - Suggestion (By Shiver) 2 Pieces: Increased attack rate of Poison Shot 3 Pieces: Reduced SP consumption on Bone Shot 4 Pieces: Increased duration on Bone Shot Reasoning: Sharpshooters are a single target focused class, so enhancing an AOE (Piercing Shot) did not make sense, so switched the effects to single target skills. And although power shot is a single target skill, it is not normally used in a Sharpshooters rotation as it essentially decreases your dps. Ranger - Current 2 Pieces: Increased attack rate of Bone Shot 3 Pieces: Reduced SP consumption of Multi-Blood Shot 4 Pieces: Increases the effect duration of Multi-Blood Shot Ranger - Suggestion (By Shiver) 2 Pieces: Increased attack rate of Piercing Shot 3 Pieces: Reduced SP consumption of Nature's Mist 4 Pieces: Increases the effect duration of Nature's Mist Reasoning: Enhancing bone shot (a sharpshooter skill 100+) doesn't make sense on a Ranger 110 set, so switched skill to an AOE (Ranger only skill 100+). For 3/4 pieces, Multi-Blood Shot is infrequently used so it'd make sense to switch these effects to one of the 2 main AOEs (Nature's Mist and Piercing Shot). Guardian - Current 2 Pieces: Reduced SP consumption of Purge (Actually rebirth, text error) 3 Pieces: Reduced cooldown of Awaken 4 Pieces: Reduced SP consumption of Awaken Guardian - Suggestion (Combination of Me & Zephry) 2 Pieces: Increased duration of Rebirth 3 Pieces: Reduced SP consumption of Rejuvenate 4 Pieces: Increased HP restoration amount of Rejuvenate Reasoning: The 2 piece effect is currently useless by reducing the SP cost of a party buff that lasts an hour. The 3/4 piece effect was empowering an AOE heal, which are HK only after level 100. So changed it to a single target heal, the basis of Guardians. Note: Didn't do cooldown of Rebirth for 2 pieces or cooldown of Rejuvenate for 4 pieces as Zephry suggested, as these are both effects of another Guardian set that is currently available (The level 100 LN set). Holy Knight - Current 2 Pieces: Increase HP restoration amount of Recover 3 Pieces: Reduced SP consumption of Invigorate 4 Pieces: Increased duration of Invigorate Holy Knight - Suggestion (Me) 2 Pieces: Increase HP restoration amount of Recovery (Same as current) 3 Pieces: Reduced SP consumption of Invigorate (Same as current) 4 Pieces: Increase HP restoration amount of Invigorate Reasoning: Slight change, Invigorate (with no empowerments in duration or cooldown) can already be used infinitely, as it's cooldown is shorter then it's duration, so I feel more use would be gotten out of increasing how much it heals not how long. Wizard - Current 2 Pieces: Reduced cooldown on Purge 3 Pieces: Reduced SP Consumption of Frost Nova 4 Pieces: Increased effect duration of Frost Nova Wizard - Suggestion (By Me) 2 Pieces: Reduced cooldown on Inferno 3 Pieces: Reduced SP consumption of Frost Nova (Same as current) 4 Pieces: Increased attack rate of Frost Nova Reasoning: Changed the 2 set effect to an AOE as that is the basis of wizards. Changed the 4 piece effect as (in my opinion) increased duration on Frost Nova is near useless. Wizard - Suggestion 2 (By Zephry) 2 Pieces: Reduced cooldown on Ice Field 3 Pieces: Reduced SP consumption of Frost Nova (Same as current) 4 Pieces: Increased effect duration of Frost Nova (Same as current) Reasoning: Purge effect is rather lackluster. Ice Field would've been a better choice. My thoughts: I agree on the 2 piece effect, it should reduce the cooldown of an AOE not Purge. For the 3/4 piece effect, 3 should reduce the sp consumption of a different AOE and the 4 set effect should increase the damage of that same AOE. I think the increased duration to be useless, and would rather see damage, but of course am open to others opinions. Warlock - Current 2 Pieces: Increased attack rate on Fire Bolt 3 Pieces: Reduced SP consumption on Inferno 4 Pieces: Increased effect duration of Inferno Warlock - Suggestion (Zephry) 2 Pieces: Increased attack rate of Fire Ball 3 Pieces: Reduced SP consumption of Inferno 4 Pieces: Increased attack rate of Inferno Reasoning: Original set effects from retail. (Note: 3/4 piece effects empower a wizard only skill after 100, but so far this is the only suggestion). Also, fire bolt's last upgrade is like.. 4x or 5x.. makes no sense for this skill to be on a 110 set effect. Knight - Current 2 Pieces: Increased effect of Mock 3 Pieces: Reduced cooldown of Whirlwind 4 Pieces: Reduced SP Consumption of Whirlwind Knight - Suggestion (By Multiple People) 2 Pieces: Increased effect of Mock 3 Pieces: Increased attack rate of Degro Slash 4 Pieces: Reduced SP consumption of Degro Slash Reasoning: The 2 piece effect is fine, makes perfect sense. For the 3/4 piece effect, it should be switched with the gladiator set as Whirlwind is a gladiator only 100+ skill and degro slash is a knight only 100+ skill. Gladiator - Current 2 Pieces: Increased effect duration of Bone Slicer 3 Pieces: Reduced SP consumption of Degro Slash 4 Pieces: Increased attack rate of Degro Slash Gladiator - Suggestion (By Multiple People) 2 Pieces: Increased effect duration of Bone Slicer 3 Pieces: Reduced cooldown of Whirlwind 4 Pieces: Reduced SP consumption of Whirlwind Reasoning: 2 set effect is fine, makes sense. For 3/4, see the reasoning under Knight.
  19. DoughyCookie

    Some Stuff

    The effects - I'll work on making suggestions, just wanted to make sure it was an option before I went out and looked at their effects & suggested changes since that'd be quite time consuming. Enhancing - It's not neccessary, and at the end of the day it won't effect me. This is more for the people joining the server that aren't in the main raid guild. Do I want people to actually beat us raids? Meh, no not really. But competition is always fun and keeps a server alive. If anything, allow psiken weapons to be +11'd, so even people not in the main raid guild can farm armor that is +10d (anyone can farm 110 blues) and anyone can farm weapons that can be +11d (psiken is doable and shouldnt be controlled by 1 guild). This is just to make it more fair for everyone. In theory, a +10 psiken (2nd best wep available, not counting Karens since its yet to be done) will never outdamage a +11 UT (the best weapon). In terms of the armor sets, I have no idea what they're like on retail, sorry. What I do know is at the 115 cap in retail, they had both 110 armor sets and 115 armor sets. So while our strongest armor is the 110 set, retails was the 115 set. So this is why I suggest these slight buffs to the 110 armor, it's supposed to be the best but it's comparable to MLs (in some cases 1 stat is lower than MLs, as I mentioned) which we've had for quite a long time. At the end of the day, no we're not really struggling with tanking anything (except maybe Karen but thats a work in progress) it just seems odd we have a distinct weapon that is the best on the server (UTs) and 3 different armor sets that are 'the best' (MLs, 114 greens, 110 sets). Again with the Thor rings, I have no idea what they're like on official. But in terms of core, as I understand it at least, Jewels are supposed to be ML > Thor > OJs (which makes sense, and I totally think this is how they should be ranked). Both OJs and ML rings give like 5/6/7% m.def and xxx m.dmg. Thor does not, which in some cases makes thor rings the weakest of the three. These are all just suggestions, nothing's necessary. Thanks for looking into everything and giving your opinion so quickly ~
  20. DoughyCookie

    Some Stuff

    Like. We have Black, White, Purple, Blue, Yellow, Orange, and Green from Focalor. There's no Pink, Red, Brown, Purple, Silver, ect. This is just for aesthetic purposes, as I really want to glow pink. And I'm sure others would enjoy the fun variety. 8)
  21. DoughyCookie

    Some Stuff

    Wizard 110 skill - Summon Meteor The total damage from Meteor is equivalent to the initial damage from Inferno. Inferno casts in about half the time. And since the slow only applies after the damage is applied now, the skill is essentially useless (other then to use as fun cause its a cool animation). Even with the slow working properly, your summoning a METEOR. I should be CHUNKING people. Not tickling them. The damage is incredibly underwhelming for a 110 skill, which for most classes is a defining skill for them. For wizard it's a cool little visual thing to do. Woo~ Guardian 110 skill Still doesn't work. Doesn't do anything. Guardian skill - Rebirth Can only cast it on yourself, this happened when you made the change that caused it to self-cast when you're not targeting anyone. Now it ONLY self-casts. 110 Armor Sets Effects - You made changes for the tricksters sets to make them actually desirable, please look into the other classes. The set effects on 110 sets are horrid across the board, and every class (or most) deserve similar treatment that the trickster sets got. Bonuses (HP/SP/Crit/Aim): 1) On the sets dropped from Eglack/Salare/Magrite sometimes these bonuses are lower then there 105 lab pieces. For example, a 105 lab top for wizard gives +1000 hp while the 110 top for wizard gives +900 hp. This doesn't make sense. 2) For the 110s dropped in 11x abyss, some of the sets don't have these bonuses. For example, 110 sharpshooter tops don't give HP. This gives some classes a disadvantage. Base Stats - I've posted about this before, sometimes stats on the 110s are lower then the stats on the matching ML/114 pieces. For example, all wizard 110 pieces have less Defense than the ML/114 set. But for some classes, this isn't true, which creates a bit of unbalance among classes. Enhancing Currently, only 110 armor sets & UT shields can be +10d, and only UT weapons can be +11'd. (as far as I know at least). This shouldn't be so exclusive. Either make all t5 Weapons/Armor able to be enhanced this much, or make it so all 110/114 armor/shields can be +10d (meaning greens and npcs could be +10d as well) and all 114 weapons can be +11'd. 120 Greens I feel like these should sell for more then 114 greens, seeing as they require more work to obtain and therefor should give a better reward. My suggestions is around 315s~ for weapons and 115s~ for armor pieces. Generally speaking, that's about 30s more for weapons compared to the 114 weapon price (generally around 285s) and 20s more than 114 armor pieces (generally around 95s) 110 Thor Rings Please give them Magic Damage and Magic Defense, similar to 100 OJs and Malephar rings. Aura's Was wondering if we could implement some more colors as we are a highly fashionable community and like to look good when we aren't out slaying beasts, and sometimes our aura just doesn't match our outfit. Maybe statless ones of the missing/of all colors in a npc or something? (I'm in dire need of a pink aura) Badges Can we update how these are obtained. Noit is just mentally painful. Don't really have a suggestion, I just really want to farm badges but would rather watch myself make elrue than do Noit. Could just slightly change noit to make it bearable or introduce something new, I dunno. But Noit's currently the only option to obtain a badge and as far as I know, it's not being done.
  22. DoughyCookie

    End-Game Content

    I'd also like to suggest a new armor set. In the patch notes, you said 115 blues could be +10'd now. As far as I know, there's no such thing, but I think there should be. When the cap was raised from 105 to 115, we got HUGE increases in base dmg/m.dmg from 114 weapons while in armor we did not. 110s were supposed to be the new 'best armor', but in most cases 110 have a base stat that is lower than the 114/ML piece, and it's near impossible to get a good statted 110. In the 1-2 days that Spearmen dropped the 110s, we got more 'good' statted 110s than we have in the few months that Magrite and the 2 Adelia bosses have been dropping them (not to mention their set effects are almost useless). Malephar armor (which is kind of in abundance since it's been out so long, but not necessarily overflowing with it) has the same base stats as 110s/114 greens, while UT/Psiken/114 green weps are a huge increase on ML weps. Just doesn't make sense to me we got such a huge weapon upgrade but defense is relatively the same (not including shields).
  23. DoughyCookie

    Patch Log #038 - 17 May 2015

    114 and 120 should now sell for 98 silver. This was a completely unneeded change. T5 enhancing on this server is incredibly expensive with the success rates, and the fastest way to make money was to AOE a mob that drops 114 greens (I didn't test 120s since the new patch). Doing this for 2 hrs with a rant, charms, and picking up every green that drops generally gives you enough money to +7~9 (depending on your luck) ONE tier 5 item. Dropping this to 98 silver a piece is a huge nerf, seeing as 114 weps sold for 220s+ if I'm not mistaken, and will cause it to be much harder to enhance gear. Other than t5 enhancing, I believe everything else to be fairly priced, but the Red/Golds/Blues drain many gems from my bank so I can +9 my gear, which is almost necessary to properly raid, farm, and grind at the higher levels.
  24. DoughyCookie


    Hi I made Moist guild in order to take over Core Fiesta, in order to do this I estimate I need about 3 other people. jaja. We have 1 rule in Moist, and that is don't let Shiver in. Now recruiting. Master: Me Admins: Not you or anyone you know Members: Anyone but Shiver
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