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  1. Keith

    Patch Log #025 - 30 Aug 2014

    You should have left Geo Skins the way they were. For all the effort of farming them, gearing up perms, the trouble of getting orange / blue weps / gears / jewels, which is insanely low drop rate already and now they only give 2.5% more damage then npc, not really worth it if you ask me. (Just my suggestion pls don't hit me)
  2. Keith

    Corrupt a Wish

    Granted except you have the upper body of a fish and the lower body of a human. I wish I had friends
  3. Keith


    Get out me server jk welcome
  4. We all make choices, but in the end it's our choices that make us.

    1. mucski


      That's deep. Too deep. Like the Marianne trench.

    2. Keith


      Almost as deep as my love for nutella. Almost.

    3. Sanguinary


      Shut up, Keith. You text me in the morning saying "noot noot". You are not deep.

  5. Keith

    Robo KQ

    What does Robo KQ give? Side Note: You don't have to kill mobs in KQ to win, you just have to survive them until time runs out.
  6. Keith

    Insomnia Off-Topic Discussion

    Suddenly, a wild Keith appeared! Keith used dash Keith knocked out Smartiez Keith is victorious
  7. Keith

    Lɪᴇ Tᴏ Mᴇ

    I feel like you guys don't understand the rules o3o... Your're not Japanese.
  8. Being on Core forums when inside my study hall at class because yolo.

    1. Snow


      I was on core forums while I was in school doing nothing. :D

  9. Keith

    Basic guide to switching like a Pro (Video)

    Thanks for this <3 Should be helpful in the long run. Also, this music makes me sleepy >:c
  10. Keith

    IRL picture thread

    Hi. I was never good at selfies >;c
  11. Keith

    Corrupt a Wish

    The amount of people saying granted is too high D: Accepted, but your puppy will kill your closest current family member. I wish I knew how to sing.
  12. Keith

    Core's Hall Of Fame

    Put Keith for every glad record pls <3 Semi-Joking
  13. Keith


    Hello Ice! Nice to meet you :3
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